Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Unclaimed Award !!


Good day to you. I am Mark Harris. I work with National Lottery Commission
and Camelot Group PLC, "the official monitoring body and the operator of
the UK National Lottery". Please you can read about me in my company`s
work profile link below:

I have a lottery prize proposal for you which will be of our mutual
benefit. I wish to seek your cooperation so that the total sum of
£1,000,000 (One Million Great Britain Pounds) can be paid to you by the
National Lottery for our mutual benefit. The said prize money is an
unclaimed lottery prize from the National Lottery. The prize result was
released over four month ago and since then, the winner of the prize has
failed to come with the winning lottery ticket or proof of winning to
claim the prize.

I want to front you as the winner of the prize because there is a claim
deadline of 180 days for the claim of this prize. The prize will be
forfeited and used as good cause fund if not claimed before the deadline.
The below BBC news web links contain evidence of forfeited unclaimed
prizes that happened in the past.

The reasons why some winners fail to claim their prizes may be one or all
of the following:

1. The winner may have accidentally thrown away the tickets and lost track
of the winning ticket number and other vital information as regards the
lucky win.
2. Some winners do not check their tickets properly.
3 The winner may not be aware of the victory.
4. The National Lottery does not advice winners about their winning prize

via email notification that is why some may not be aware that they won in
the draws.

I hereby seek your consent to cooperate with me so that I can provide you
the winning information that won the prize funds of £1,000,000 to enable
you apply for the claim of the funds as the winner. Once the funds is paid
to you, Our mode of sharing will be on a 50......... 50 basis. i.e. 50%
will be for me while the remaining 50% will be for you. This project is
100% risk free because it will be executed under a legitimate arrangement
that will protect you from any breach of the law as I have mapped out all
plans to ensure we claim this fund without any trace in the future.

All I require from you is your honesty, confidentiality, trust, sincerity
and dedication to make this goal a dream come through. The winner of the
prize has failed to come for the claim and there is total assurance that
he/she will not come for it because every vigilant winner will be anxious
to know the outcome of a lottery draw even before the results are

I look forward to your quick response while thanking you for your
anticipated co-operation.

Best regards,

Mark Harris.


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