Thursday, July 26, 2012


Zenith Holdings Plc
8 Canada Square.
Victoria Island Lagos Airport
Road E14 5HQ. Nigeria.
Telephone: (+234-8082406***)

Attention: Attention: Attention,

I know this letter will come to you as surprise one but I want you to read
this with maturity. This day, one Mrs. Cynthia Edward, came to my office
to let us know that you are DEAD, and before your death, you instructed
her to come for the claim of your funds in the tune of US$2, Million that
was long abandoned in your name with this bank (ZENITH INTERNATIONAL BANK
PLC) this is what we want to verify from you before we make the payment to
who came for the claim.

(:I) Did you authorize Mrs. Cynthia Edward to come for your claim?
(ii) Are you truly Dead OR Alive?

If (NO) you are hereby advice as a matter of urgency to reconfirm the
details of this message within 24hours, hence your funds shall be wired
into her account without any more delay.

Lastly, you are advice to reconfirm the details of this message and get
back immediately with these information\'s

1. Full name:................

2. Direct telephone number:...

3. Address:.................... ..........

4. Your personal identification to enable us confirms you are not dead.
This information\'s above must be provided for reconfirmation to Enable us
make payment to you, hence, your funds will be remit/wire into her account
as already provide to this management.

We wait for your urgent response today. You need to act very fast, because
if this bank wait for your urgent reply within three working days and did
not received any message from you, you will be consider dead, and your
funds will be transfer to Mrs. Cynthia Edward.

Here is an account provide by Mrs. Cynthia Edward to this bank, are you
also the one who ask her to provide this bank account to us?

Washington Mutual Bank
2075 S. Victoria Ave
Ventura, CA 93003
800 788-7000
Acct. name: Mrs. Cynthia Edward.
Type: Checking
ABA # 322271627
Acct # 1951204345
Amount: US$2, Million.

Furthermore, this bank discovered that you have been dealing with some bad
eggs officials whom SCAMED some money from you without doing the right
thing, Be advice to STOP further communication with them, your funds is
now approved for payment, follow the right procedure now.

This message demand urgent attention, the bank is waiting to hear from
you; do call this below direct number.

Mobile Direct Hot Line: (+234-8082406***)

Mr. Jim Ovia.
Head of Accounting Operations

Order Needed Urgently!!‏

Compliments of the day,

My company is interested in a different but a similar design of your product. please confirm to us if your company can make provision for the exact product as shown on the Chinese trading firm page below. You can view the sample pictures by loggin in to the link below with your correct business email to view pictures. Please note that this items are needed urgently and also in large quantity.
Pls send us quote after preview immediately.

Blue Ocean Trade Limited.

Emergency Update‏

From the Desk of Lapointe Carman
Chairman, Contract Verification/Review Panel and Foreign Debt Payment
The Federal Government of Nigeria has been seriously warned by the United States Government, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, United Nations (UN) and other international bodies to make sure we settle most of our outstanding foreign debts we owed to Next of Kin's.
Kindly view my attached message and get back to me
Thanks for your anticipated cooperation
Yours' truly.
Mr. Lapointe Carman
(The Chairman of Contract Verification/Review Panel and Foreign Debt Payment)


Attention Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that your INHERITANCE COMPENSATION FUNDS, valued of $1.2million United States Dollars have been approved for release from the Ministry of Finance. You will be receiving your funds through our ATM Swift Visa master card Payment under the SKYE BANK. The ATM Swift Visa master card Center will be sending your ATM Visa master card which you will use to withdraw your money from any ATM Machine in any part of the World.

You are to forward to us your delivery contact address where you want your ATM Swift Visa master card send to, (P.O box Not Accepted),You are advice to provide the following information and send it to ATM CARD payment department email contact here

Your Full Name:
Your private/cell telephone numbers:
Nationality/Country Of Resident:
A Copy of Your Passport: Or ID card:
Your age:                          
Your Contact address:

I Will Be Waiting Your Urgent Response.

Best Regards,



I am Mr Garson Caron
We offer affordable loan at 3% rate available for local and international
lenders. We are certified, trustworthy, reliable,efficiently, fast and
dynamic and a co-financial for real estate work and all types of business
finance,we give out long term loan from five to fifty years maximum.
We offer the following types of loans and many more, $ 500,000.00 minimum
to a maximum of $ 450 million to World Class standard facilities and
ensure that the funds in your bank account to get home in the next 48
hours, we offer the following:Personal Loans,Student Loan,Business
Loans,Consolidation Loan,Combination Loan,Home Enhancement,Debt
International Loans,Home Improvement.

If interested kindly and heartedly complete the application form below for
more information.
Name: __________Surname: ____________ Other Name: ____________
Sex: ________ Birthdate: ______ Month: ________ Year: __________ Place Of
Birth: ___________
: Have You Apply Before:____________Country: __________ State: ________
Code: _________ Tel: _____________: House Address:_______________
Occupation: _______________ Monthly Income: ___________
Required loan amount: ___________________ Loan Duration: ______________
Next of skin: _____________

Note: regardless of your credit score takes less than 48 hours for your
loan processing and funds transfer to your bank.
Kindly forward your reply to this via warrantytrustcompany@***.com
Thank you for applying with us, we know our customers best.God bless you
as you apply in our company.
MR Garson Caron(CEO MD).



We the management of  FEDEX COURIER SERVICE hereby uses This medium to
notify you that your parcel is still in our possession, this parcel
contained an International Cashier Bank Draft/Cheque worth the sum of
$500,000.00USD (Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars only) and it is
ready for delivery to your door step. Meanwhile, before the delivery or
shipment will take place, you are advice to RECONFIRM to us the following
data mention below:

1.Your Name:........
2.Full Address:..............

The above requested information's will enable us deliver your parcel
correctly without any mistake or delivering your parcel to a wrong person.

NOTE : No charges should be made before delivery except the stamp duty fee
which is just $65usd. Delivery would be made to your door step as soon as
we receive your payment, no problem about the delivery fee because the
company has paid for the delivery fee.

Further more, you might be asking yourself how comes this parcel, Anyway
This parcel was brought to our office to be delivered to you by lottery

Note: This fee is not for delivery but for the stamp duty, this company
has spend out of their incomes in the process by recovery back your
parcel? so dear customer we once again appreciate your patronage in our
favor. Without hesitations you are to pay for just the balance left of $65
by your sender before it accumulate a demur-rage after one week only,as
you know your parcel is not just an ordinary parcel but with a vital
document and we think you understand what we mean by accumulating a

Yours Faithfully
Mr. Mario Frank


 Yahoo!! International Lottery Organization
Bangkok Branch Office
Address: 3 Rajdamnern Avenue
Bangkok10200 Thailand

Yahoo! Mail announces you as one of the 25 lucky winners in the ongoing Yahoo lottery Award of the New Year Held on 2nd of January 2012.

All 25 winning email addresses were randomly selected from a batch of 50,000,000 international emails each from Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceania as part of our international promotions program which is conducted annually, consequently, you have been approved for a total payout of ONE MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS ( $1, 000. 000.000 USD)

This Lottery was promoted and sponsored by a conglomerate of some multinational companies as part of their social responsibility to the citizens in the communities where they have operational base.

Furthermore your details(e-mail address) falls within our Bangkok representative office in Bangkok Thailand, as indicated in your play coupon and your prize of ( $1,000.000.00USD) will be released to you from this regional branch office in Bangkok Thailand.

Your fund is now deposited with our Thanachart Bank  BangkoThailand and insured in your name. Due to mix up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep this award from public notice until your claim has been processed, and your winning Cheque have being sent to you or remitted to your account, as this is part of our security protocol, to avoid double claiming and unwarranted taking of advantage of this program by participants, as has happened in the past.


These are your identification numbers.
Ticket number.....................085-12876077-09
Serial number........................51390-0
Lucky number...................03-05-12-14-28-38
Ref number...................N.EGS/3662367114/13

To begin your lottery claims, Please contact our Yahoo Lottery coordinator as follows.

Email: revmrkthomas@***
Telephone: +( 66)832950160

You are to send the completed verification form below to the coordinator whose name and email address is given above so that you will be advised on what to do to get your prize money. Congratulations once more!!.

1. FULL NAME:..................................
2. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:...............
3. PRESENT ADDRESS:...................
4. DATE OF BIRTH:.........................
5. SEX:................................................
6. OCCUPATION:.............................
8. FAX NUMBER:...........................................
9. MARITAL STATUS:....................................

Remember, all prize money must be claimed not later than End of this month. Any claim not made by this date will be returned to HER MAJESTY'S DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY. And also be informed that 10% of your lottery winning belongs to THE PROMOTIONS COMPANY. Because they are the company that bought your ticket and played the lottery in your favor.

NOTE: In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference and batch numbers in all correspondences with us, furthermore, should there be any change of address, please do inform our coordinator as soon as possible. Yahoo lottery is a free service that does not require you to be a Yahoo! Registered user.

An original copy of your lucky winning ticket and your deposit certificate will be sent to you by Administrative Remittance Operation Manager.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Once again from all members of our staff and thank you for being a part of our International Promotions program of the New Year. We wish you continued good fortunes.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Raymond Hisashi. Vice President Yahoo! Lotto Org.
Mrs. Tina Akira. Online President

Congratulations On Your Winnings

Copyright? 1994-2012 The Yahoo-Thailand Internet Promotions. All rights reserved. Terms of Service - Guidelines.
Yahoo! Customer Care

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South Africa Shell National Promo

South Africa Shell National Promo,
Johannesburg,South Africa.
Congratulations as we announce to you that your email has been 
shortlisted As winner of R9,000,000.00(Nine Million South 
African Rand) Equivalent to $1,100,648.15(USD) in the South Africa 
program held this Year 2012.NOTE:To file for your claim, please 
contact our South Africa Regional Shell cooperate Office(Claim 
Department via information below with the requested details:
Shell Petroleum Claims Department
Mrs,Katy John (Claim Promo Officer)
Email: sa-snp@***.com
Find below your promotion date, Reference 
and Batch numbers.Remember to quote 
these numbers in your correspondence to 
our claims department.
(1) Ref No.SH/037/11/06/SA
(2) Batch No: JBSH/10/JB/SA
1. Full Name:
2. Address:
3. Occupation:
4. Nationality:
5. Tel No:
6. Date Of Birth:
7. Country Of Residence:
8. Alternative Email :
Sorry if you received this letter in your Spam,Due to recent 
connection error here in south africa.sorry for the 
Once again on behalf of South Africa Government we say 
South Africa Shell Promotion Award Team,
Johannesburg,South Africa.


Dear Partner,

Please consider this mail serious despite the fact that you did not expect it. Hope you are doing well. I am Mr,Zongo Mohammed, the Manager of head operations department of our bank in Burkina Faso. I discovered a risk-free deal of US$10.9 million from my department which was left unclaimed as a result of non existing body.Provided you will put trust forward, let us share the deal if you are interested. Urgent reply is needed for more details.




أنا أحسم أمري بعد ان اتصل بك بسبب وضعي الحالي هنا في مخيم للاجئين، وأنا أدعو الله أن تلمس قلبك ويعطيك نعمة أن يكون التعاطف ومساعدة لي، وأنا أريد منك أن ترد لي من خلال الخاصة بي عنوان البريد الإلكتروني alizajackson@***.com

اسمي ملكة جمال أليزا جاكسون عباسي سايتوتي، أنا فتاة 24 سنة، كنت في السنة الثانية في جامعة العلوم الصحية قبل أن المشكلة في هذا البلد بدأت، وأنا من نيروبي في كينيا، ولكن أنا ويقيم حاليا في مخيم للاجئين في بوركينا فاسو

والدي من الذاكرة المباركة من قبل أواخر اسم السيد سايتوتي عباسي جاكسون الذي كان مدير قسم مع بترول Dalbit في نيروبي، كينيا، قد احترق والدي الحبيب على قيد الحياة جنبا الى جنب مع أمي الحبيبة ومنزلنا عائلة أحرقت من جانب المتمردين خلال مشاركة أزمة في بلدي

يمكنك قراءة المزيد عن الحادث من خلال الموقع التالي:


بعد دفن والدي، ضبطت والدتي الخطوة كل شيء كان والدي وأرسلت لي من منزل عائلتي، وزعمت كل شيء والدي الراحل الخاصة لأنها بلا أطفال، لذلك هي ارسال الناس الى قتلي لأنها تخشى أن أكون قد يحاول الانتقام كل شر فعلته لي، ولكن عندما رآني على القتلة، فهي شفقة من الصعب على وقال لي انهم حيث بعث بها والدتي الخطوة لقتلي، لذلك طلبوا مني أن تعيش كينيا بلدنا على الفور ما اذا أريد أن أعيش

لفترة وجيزة وسوف يرغب في الكشف عن أكثر من ذلك بقليل عن نفسي لكم، ونرى ما اذا كان يمكن أن تساعدني على الانتقال إلى بلدك وذلك لمواصلة دراستي والحصول على حياة جديدة، وهذا هو الرجاء تفرز القليل وارجوك يا لل تحتفظ بها لنفسك وحدها حتى يتم ترتيب كل شيء بشكل صحيح وتنفيذها، بعد ذلك سوف تأتي الى الانضمام بكم في بلدكم

لدي مبلغ 3.8 مليون دولار ميراثا من والدي الراحل الذي سوف يرغب في الاستثمار في بلدكم بمساعدتكم، وأنا بحاجة لمساعدتكم لأن والدي الراحل تعليمات البنك للافراج عن صندوق لي في سن ال 24 من خلال الأجنبي الذي يمكن أن تساعدني على الاستثمار في الصندوق بحكمة، وأنها كانت رغبة والدي لي أن أعيش في بلد أجنبي، وبالتالي فإن البنك لن الافراج عن الاموال لي دون مساعدة من شخص أجنبي والدي تعليمات البنك

وتودع هذه الأموال في حساب مصرفي والدي الراحل مع أحد البنوك هنا في بوركينا فاسو وانا ذاهب الى ان نعطيكم كل التفاصيل / الاتصال لأنني أريد أن يتم تحويل الأموال إلى حسابك قبل أن آتي على أن أنضم إليكم في بلدكم،

أحتاج ردكم العاجل من قدرتك على التعامل مع هذا بالنسبة لي حتى أستطيع أن أقول لكم أن الخطوة التالية لأنني أريد أن ترك هذا المخيم في أسرع وقت ممكن، فإن الوضع في هذا المكان الصعب جدا، والأهم من ذلك، أنا أحب بلدي الدراسات والناس هنا ليست ودية، أنا أعاني حقا في هذا المكان، فمن المؤلم جدا، لكني آمل مع مساعدتكم لنقل الأموال في الحساب الخاص بك، سوف يكون لي حياة أفضل للعيش

لذلك اسمحوا لي أن أعرف تفضلت استعدادكم لمساعدتي، وأعدك بأن أكون دائما جميلة وفية للكم، وسوف أكون سعيدا أن يعوضك 25٪ من حجم الصندوق لمساعدتي، وكنت يمكن أن يساعد أيضا لي للاستثمار في الصندوق بينما أواصل دراستي لأنني أريد أن أكون طبيبا، من رغبتي في المساهمة بشكل إيجابي للبشرية

سأرسل لك الصور والتفاصيل في أقرب وقت أتلقى ردكم من خلال عنوان بريدي الالكتروني الخاص alizajackson@***.com وأتمنى أن يكون لك ورقم هاتفك حتى نتمكن من التحدث عبر الهاتف وأنا كما يرغب في الاستماع الخاصة بك صوت

 تفضلوا بقبول فائق الاحترام،

My greetings to you and the family.‏

With Due Respect

I sourced your email from a human resource profile database in the chamber; my name is Mr Adams Zongo. Account officer to late Mr. Morris
Thompson from America who is a gold merchant Agent here in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso, a well known Philanthropist before he died. He made a
Will stating that $10.5 Million dollars (Ten million five hundred thousand US) should be given to a citizen of our choice overseas. I have made a
random draw and your e-mail address was picked as the beneficiary to this Will.

I am particularly interested in securing this money from the Bank because they have issued a notice instructing me been the account officer to
produce the beneficiary of this before end of  October. 2012 else the money will be credited to the Government treasury as per law here. It is my
Utmost desire to execute the Will of my late client Mr. Morris Thompson since he is no more alive, both wife Thelma Thompson, and daughter
Sheryl Thompson.

If you are interested, you are required to contact me immediately to start the documentation process with the help of a legal practitioner. I urgent
you to contact me immediately for further details bearing in mind that the Bank has given us a date limit.

Please act fast. I am waiting your urgent response. Meanwhile I request on your return mail, kindly re-send me your data's information's: Pleas Reply
Me through My private email Address; adamszongo@***.fr

Your Full Name..........................
Your Sex.................................
Your Age..................................
Your Country....................... .......
Your pass or photo.......................
Your Occupation.................... ......
Your Personal Mobile Number.........
Your Personal Fax Number.............

However, feel free to ask me any question and I promise to clarify you on any doubts. Transaction with.

Mr Adams Zongo.
Ouagadougou Burkina Faso
West Africa


Attention: Email Owner,

We are pleased to notify you once again that your email
address have won the SOUTH AFRICA LOTTO JACKPOT
Promotion program held this Year 2012, You have
therefore been approved to claim the sum of
R 9,000,000.00(Nine Million South African
Rand) In US Dollars $1,100,648.15(USD)
We are yet to receive your file for Claims.For
Due remittance of funds.Contact Claims Agent for your
claims with Reference numbers and Batch numbers
(1) Ref No.SH/037/11/06/SA
(2) Batch No: JBSH/10/JB/SA
Claims Requirements:

1.Full Name:
2.Residential Address:
5.Mobil Tel:
7.Country Of Residence:
9.Amount Won:
10.Alternative Email :

Sorry if you received this letter in your Spam,Due to
recent connection error here in south Africa.sorry for the

Accept my hearty congratulations once again!

Mrs,Katy John
(Group Coordinator

Hello: Good Day,‏

03 BP 2082, Koforidua,
Republic of Ghana,
E-mail: barr_mikebrown24@***

Hello: Good Day,

I am Barrister. Mikel Brown, the Attorney at law to Late Mr. Maurice, a native of your country, who used to work as the Director of Products patrollers (TOTAL Ghana) in Republic of Ghana West Africa.

On the 29th of April 2007, my Client, His wife and their three Children were involved in a plane crash and unfortunately lost their lives. Since then I have made several inquiries to your embassy to locate any of my clients extended relatives but all efforts was just in vain.

After these several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to track his last name over the Internet, to locate any member of his Family. Hence I contacted you. I have contacted you to assist in repatriating the money left behind by my Client before they get confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank (BANK OF AFRICA, GHANA REPUBLIC). These huge deposits were lodged particularly, with the "BOA" where the deceased had an account valued at about USD$10.5 million dollars (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars).

The Bank has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin or have the account confiscated. Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over two years. Now I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of the deceased since you bear the same Last Name/Nationality with Him so that the proceeds of this account valued at USD$10.5 million dollars can be paid to your account and then you and I can Share the money 50% to you and 50% to me.

I will procure all Necessary legal documents that can be used to back up any claim we may make. All I require is your honest co-operation to enable us seeing this deal through. I guarantee you that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you and I from any breach of the law, but you must also agree not to disclose or pass any information related to this business to anybody for security reason and to avoid eye brow. The way we are going to achieve this is:

1. Your full name and address
2. Your private phone and fax numbers
3. Marital status
4. Age
5. Occupation
6. National Identity card or driver’s license.
7. Name of your company if there is any.

My private email address is: barr_mikebrown24@***
Please feel free to contact me immediately for further action. Waiting to hear
From you urgently.

Best Regards.
Barrister. Mikel Brown (Esq.)

Email From Sgt. Williams Moore. SSH‏

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Sgt.Williams Moore, I have a good business proposal for you. There are no risks involved and it is easy. Please reply for briefs and procedures.

Best regards,

Sgt.Williams Moore.

Mirinda Prez John

My Dear,

I know that we haven't known or come across each other before considering the fact that I sourced your email contact through the internet in search of trusted person who can assist me urgently and save my life.

My name is Mirinda Prez John 24 years old female from the Republic of Kenya, the daughter of Late Mr Prez John. My late father was a Kenyan lawyer and human rights activist who was the Chief Executive Officer and Communications and Advocacy Officer of the Oscar Foundation Free Legal Aid Clinic Kenya (OFFLACK). My Father was brutally shot dead on Thursday 5Th March 2009 after a government spokesman accused their group of aiding a criminal gang. What led to the cold blood killing is still unclear but I know that my father life was the target. You can read more about my father in the bbc link below. 3.stm

I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment which I am receiving from my step mother. She planned to take away all my late father's treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Father. Meanwhile I wanted to travel to Europe, but she hide away my international passport and other valuable documents. Luckily she did not discover where I kept my father's File which contained important documents. Now I am presently staying in the Mission in Burkina Faso. I am seeking for long term relationship and investment assistance. My father of blessed memory deposited the sum of US$ 5.7 Million in one bank in Burkina Faso with my name as the next of kin.
I had contacted the Bank to clear the deposit but the Branch Manager told me that being a refugee, my status according to the local law does not authorize me to carry out the operation. However, he advised me to provide a trustee who will stand on my behalf.I had wan ted to inform my stepmother about this deposit but I am afraid that she will not offer me anything after the release of the money.

Therefore, I decide to seek for your help in transferring the money into your bank account while I will relocate to your country and settle down with you. As you indicated your interest to help me I will give you the account number and the contact of the bank where my late beloved father deposited the money with my name as the next of kin. It is my intention to compensate you with 40% of the total money for your assistance and the balance shall be my investment in any profitable venture which you will recommend to me as have no any idea about foreign investment. Please all communications should be through this email address only for confidential purposes.

Thanking you a lot in anticipation of your quick response. I will give you details in my next mail after receiving your acceptance mail to help me.

Yours s incerely,
Miss Mirinda Prez John.

For your urgent reply.‏

Dear Friend,

I am contacting you to assist me in the transfer of $6,200,000.00 into your personal bank account for our benefit, this transaction is confidential and we must remain fiducially in all our dealings since I cannot execute this opportunity alone without the support of a foreigner. This is in line with the Laws governing Financial Institutions here in my Bank and that is why I have contacted you in this manner.

For your role in assisting me actualize this opportunity, you will be entitled to 30% of the total sum while 70% will be for me. However, what I need is your maximum cooperation and to provide a valid bank account where my bank will transfer this fund for our benefit. By indicating your interest on assurance of trust I will send you the full details and how this business will be executed and your urgent response to this proposal will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Mrs. Konou Sabina.

Hello Dear‏

Hello Dear

Good-day and how are you doing i hope
you are in a good health ok, dear i hope
to hear from you soonest. Thnaks

Your Lovely

New Security Message Alert.‏

Dear Valued Bank Of America Customer,

True to our promise to keep your internet banking account safe and secure from fraudsters,our online security team has discovered Log Ons to your account from the following IPs : , ,

To do this we developed a new secure way that keeps your banking safe, we have attached a form to this email to complete this process. Please download the form and follow the instructions on your screen.

If you choose to ignore our request, you leave us no choice but to temporary suspend your account.


The © 2012 Bank of America
Security SafeGuard


Good day,

My name is Wayne Jones and I own a company that

sells Art Work and fabric materials in London,I am

looking for a representative in the United States

Of America And Canada  who will be working for me

as a part time worker and i will be willing to pay

Ten Percent for every transaction,


Recieve Documents/Payments in form of Check, Money

Order, Bank
Deduct 10% which will be your percentage
Forward balance after deduction of percentage to

the company.
if you are interested in working get back with this

details, Please get back to me with your Complete


Full name
Physical address(Not
Telephone number
Present Job

Your provided information will be sent for the

first internal screening and comparation of

applicant's information. Please if you are

interested in this position don't hesitate to get

back to me at my contact email address.


Wayne Jones
Uk Art Store



Dear Friend,


I am Mr.John KABORE. the Director in charge of Auditing section Bank Of Africa(.B.O.A)Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso in West Africa. Forgive my indignation if this message comes to you as a surprise. AS IT MAY INTEREST YOU TO KNOW, I GOT YOUR IMPRESSIVE INFORMATION THROUGH THE INTERNET SEARCH HERE IN OUAGADOUGOU BURKINA-FASO. I have decided to contact you on a project that will be very beneficial to both of us. During our auditing in this Bank,I came across some amount of money belonging to a deceased foreigner Mr.DON SHEUN YUAN who died with his wife and their only daughter on February .

The fund has been dormant in his account with this Bank without any claim of the fund in our custody from his relation before my discovery to this development. He was the Governor of Taiwan Central(Reserve)Bank. The said amount is U.S $10,400,000(TEEN MILLION FOUR HUNDRED THOUSANT UNITED STATE OF AMERICA DOLLAR). I want you to know that I never master minded the death of the deceased fellow. Their death occured Naturally.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION BEEN YOU NOT A THAILLAIS WILL NOT POSE ANY PROBLEM FOR THE SUCESSFUL TRANSFER ON THIS FUND INTO YOUR ACCOUNT. All the whole arrangement to put claim over this fund as the Bonafide next of kin to the deceased has been put in place and directives will be relayed to you as soon as you indicate your interest and willingness to assist me and also benefit your self to this great business opportunity. In this country as a civil servant(A Banker),we are not allowed to operate a foreign account. This is the actual reason why it will require a second party or fellow who will forward claims as the next of kin to the Bank and also present a foreign account where he will need the money to be re-transferred into on his request.

Our Banking law stipulates that if such money remained unclaimed after Ten years, the money will be transferred into the Bank treasury as unclaimed fund.The request of foreigner as next of kin in this business is occasioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner and a Burkinabe cannot stand as next of kin. I dont want this money to go into the Bank treasury as unclaimed Bill. Be assured this transaction is 100% risk free.

On conclusion of this Project, you will be entitled to 40% of the total sum as gratification,while 60% will be for me.Please you have been adviced to keep "top secret" as I am still in service and intend to retire from service after I conclude this deal with you. I will fly down to your country for subsequent sharing of the fund according to percentages previously indicated and further investment will be discussed. On your acceptance to be my partner, please email for a brief discussion before we proceed. Please keep this proposal secret, even if you dont want to assist me. I look forward to receive your urgent reply.


1.YOUR NAME..............
5.MOBILE N°..............


Yours faithfully,


Batch Number 010/04/Euxp‏

Official ©Mexico National Freelotto Weekly Draws
ticket number "099-22-04-552
Winning Numbers: #4 13 33 39 55 3
Batch Number 010/04/Euxp
Reference EU/8364x6/10


Dear Beneficiary Winner,

Congratulations!! Your E-mail ID has Won you ATM Card $1.500.000.00 USD
in the on-going ©Mexico National Freelotto.
Your Email Address was selected through a computer ballot system drawn
from 25,000 company individual Email Addresses from Australia, New Zealand,
North America,South America, Europe, Asia and Africa as part of International
Promotions Program. This promo is the 1st of its kind and we intend to
sensitize the public. Your Email Address was attached to a ticket
number "099-22-04-552". Your Batch Number 010/04/Euxp, and Reference

You will be sent an ATM card used to withdraw your money in any ATM machine
in any part of the world, so if you like to receive your fund in this way.
Please contact the FEDEX DELIVER COURIER to re-confirm your correct
mailing address information and make a payment of $250 USD only
[Two Hundred And Fifty Dollars Only] for the Package safe Shipping fee
of the said ATM Card.

For claims Contact Mr. Hanic Smith
Email Address: Email: fedexsafedlivery11@***.hk
With the required information below.

Attach copy of your identification

Remember, you must contact your claim agent Mr. Hanic Smith, to claim
your prize, send your reference and batch number and all the above
informations to his email address and let him know that you have contacted
him through email.

For security reasons you are advised to keep your winning information
confidential till your claim is processed and your money remitted to you
in whatever manner you deem fit to claim your prize. This is part of our
precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of
this program by unscrupulous elements. Please be warned!



Dr. Barry Stephen
Email: fedexsafedlivery11@***.hk
{Online Promo Co-ordinator}
License Number: BS1194

Interest in your site!‏

FOX E-mail Extractor
Good Morning, firstly I want to congratulate you for the excellent website you have.

I noticed by the content that is not easy to keep constant visits to your site, I also have content sites and know the difficulty we have bringing visitors to our sites, so I guess you should use several methods of dissemination to get visitors to your site .

For this reason, I decided to write this email to submit my email extraction tool from the internet. It is a tool that extracts emails separated by following location (city, state), occupations, or any that you choose to create a campaign that can bring many buyers to your website.

Remembering that tool is free to test our site http://www.***.com

Many thanks for your attention.



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paypal transfer to your bank account.

If you got a mail similar to this and did NOT withdraw money from Paypal:

  We are moving funds from Paypal to your bank account.

Total amount transferred     $ 566.37
Transaction ID     63412917375223332

Help Center Resolution Center Security Center

Please don't reply to this email. It'll just confuse the computer that sent it and you won't get a response.

Copyright 2012 PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal is located at 2211 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95131.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Dear Beneficiary, I hope that this correspondence is received with the urgency and the expediency required. It has come to the notice of the Board of Trustees at the CBN that your present inheritance claims application being handled by the Remitting Bank in Nigeria is experiencing some man made irregularities.To this effect,it has become necessary for the Board of Trustees to invite trained Fund Transfer / Assets transfer Specialists from the United States to resolve and regularize your fund release with immediate effect and stop all further fund discrepancies. We at Howard & Associates have been duly consulted by the CBN Board of Trustees and have been fully informed about how the staff of the remitting bank have been taking advantage of you by telling you to pay unnecessary exorbitant charges which will only make your fund payment a long drawn out process. Due to this we have decided to step into the process of your fund transfer to enable your funds to be transferred within the soonest possible time without needing to pay all the huge sums of monies that are being demanded from you by the remitting bank, you are to get back to us immediately .All processes to have your funds paid to you immediately through the Federal Reserve Bank in New York have been initiated to cut out unnecessary costs.You are advised to keep this communication highly confidential as the CBN Board of Trustees have asked us to resolve this fund payment independent of the office of the CBN Governor to identify the the principal participants in this unethical payment procedure.Furthermore,you are hereby advised to pay no further fees or charges to the Remitting Bank in Nigeria as well as any person or persons, Real or Fictitious, prostates and institutions as they shall no longer be handling your payment process. We shall await your immediate correspondence with your direct telephone numbers so that we may conclude your payment immediately contact the claim officier through this emailaddress:paulhoward19@***.com Yours Faithfully, Dr.Angela Cole. Howard & Associates c/o CBN. Statement of confidentiality: "the information in this email and in any attachments contains confidential information and is intended solely for the attention and use of the named addressee(s). It may not be disclosed to any person without authorization. If you are not the intended recipient, or a person responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient you are not authorized to and must not disclose, copy, distribute or retain this message or any part of it."

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Business Deal

Thank you for reading my mail in respect of my invitation for a
business relationship. It is my hope that this contact will establish
in us a relationship that shall stand the test of time and tides.

This mail is intended to provide you a good knowledge of the business
to elicit your understanding of the core subject before we get

Briefly put, I am entrusting to you a business venture that involves
?6,800,000.00 (Six Million Eight Hundred Thousand Great Britain
Pounds). This is to be processed, released and transferred by Ulster
Bank to an account to be provided by you. Ulster Bank is located in
Belfast in the United Kingdom.

Account required from you could be personal or corporate, new or
existing. It does not matter the account balance in such an account,
as long as it can accommodate the total fund mentioned, it will serve
the purpose and will be acceptable. As much as possible, legal means
would be used to have the fund processed and released by the Ulster

You may ask where the fund emanated from. Just briefly about the
origin. I had a client, wealthy and humane. Her name is Spencer Quaker
Martoson. I was her family lawyer for close to 15years. She and her
only son where among the unfortunate victims of China Northern
Airlines MD-82 that crashed on May 7, 2002 in North East China. Her
husband had died 3years earlier.

Lately, I found myself in a dilemma of what to do with the estate left
behind by the family after I had embarked on a search for any member
of their family without success. The banks in the United Kingdom
normally give a period of grace of 10years within which the estate of
a deceased citizen should be claimed; otherwise it will be forfeited
to the government. I don't want this to happen, hence I am making this
contact to you to be presented as a consultant and guardian to the
family to receive the fund left behind as the beneficiary. This is
permissible in the laws of the United Kingdom on inheritance.

I will put together all the necessary legal papers to back up my claim
in your name, the fund will be released in your name through a bank
account you will provide.

 On successful claim of the fund, you would be entitled to 30% of it,
while I will be entitled to 60%. The balance 10% will be used to
settle any expenses incurred in the course of procuring the claim.
There are some officials in the bank that I will work with to ensure
success is achieved in the transaction. They will be entitled to some
tips as well. If you have any advice in this regard, do offer for a
better understanding.

All processing information and application will be prepared in your
name and submitted to the bank, while you'll be updated on progress
made subsequently.

All that I need from you right now is your acceptance to work with me
to have this claim successfully received in your name. Once I receive
from you in affirmation of this, all other process will commence

I anticipate conclusion of the whole exercise in a few number of
banking days. Of course receiving from you unflinching understanding
and support both morally and otherwise.

I intend to commence on the processing as soon as I receive from you
the following information;
1. Your full name as you would want me use in the application documents.
2. Your address (could be residential or official)
3. Your telephone number. If you have a fax, do provide me with the
number. These enhance the speed of communication sometimes.

Have a blessed and successful day.
Yours sincerely,
James Ivory

Tel: +447024028***

From The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)‏

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Anti-Terrorist And Monitory Crime Division.
Federal Bureau Of Investigation.
J.Edgar.Hoover Building Washington Dc
Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

Good Day Sir/Madam.

Records show that you are among one of the individuals and organizations who are yet to receive their overdue payment from overseas which includes those of Lottery, Compensation,Contract payment and Inheritance. Through our Fraud Monitoring Unit we have also noticed that for few months ago you have been transacting with some impostors and fraudsters who have been impersonating the likes of Mr. Sanusi of Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Tunde Sulaiman of Chevron, Mr. John J. McCloy of World Bank, Mr. Ban Ki-moon of United Nations, President Goodluck Jonathan of Federal republic of Nigeria, Barrack Obama of United States, Sir Win Bischoff of foriegn exchange, Farida Waziri of EFCC, Mr. Patrick Aziza, Frank, Anderson, none officials of Oceanic Bank, Zenith Banks, Kelvin Young of HSBC, Ben of FedEx, Ibrahim Sule, Dr. Usman Shams uddeen and some impostors claiming to be working with The Federal Bureau of Investigation etc.

The Cyber Crime Division of the FBI in conjunction with: Agencia Federal de Investigacion (AFI) USA , Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Metropolitan Police [Scotland Yard] England gathered information from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (ICCC) formerly known as the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) of how some people have lost outrageous sums of money to these impostors. As a result of this we hereby advise you to stop communication with anyone not referred to you by us as we have investigated these bodies and have found out that they were impostors and have hence directe beneficiaries to rightful claim centers in Nigeria.

We guarantee 100% receipt of your payment, because we have perfected everything in regards to the release of your $1.5 Million USD to be 100% risk free and free from any hitches as it’s our duty to protect you. (This is as a result of the mandate from U.S Government to make sure all debts owed to people which includes Inheritance, Contract, Lottery, Compensation etc are been cleared for the betterment of the current economic status of the nation and its citizens as he has always believed “Our Time for Change has come” because “Change can happen.

To redeem your fund you are hereby advised to contact the Advocate assigned to be in-charge of the delivery of your ATM Card from ATM Card Center via email for the requirement to proceed and procure your Approval of Payment Warrant and Endorsement of your Funds Release Order on your behalf which will cost you $320 taken care of by the Federal Government so all you will ever need to pay is $320.00USD only take note of that.

Lawyer: Advocate Mr David Donald
Email: advocate_mrdavid_donald555@***.cn
HOTLINE: +234-813-302-7961

Do contact advocate Mr David Donald the advocate assigned for the delivery of your ATM Card by the ATM Card Center via his contact details above and furnish him with your details as listed Below, call him on his hot line +234-813-302-7961 and also  email him  with the above email address to festering up the delivery of your ATM Card to you in your home Address:

A) Your full Name............
B) Your Address In Full............
c) Your country...................
D) Your city..............
E) Age...................
F) Your Cell Phone...............
G) Occupation..................
H) Sex...............

On contacting him with your details your files would be updated and he will be sending you the payment information in which you will use in making payment of the $320.00USD via Money Gram/Western Union Money Transfer for the procurement of your Approval of Payment Warrant and Endorsement of your fund Release Order. After which the delivery of your ATM card will be effected to your designated home address without any further delay, extra fee or any authority raising eyebrow.

Upon receipt of payment the advocate will ensure that the delivery officer approves that your package is sent within 48/72 working hours. Because we are so sure of everything we are giving you a 100% money back guarantee if you do not receive your ATM CARD Shipment Confirmation within the next 48/72hrs after you have made the payment for shipping.

Once again we are so sure of you receiving your payment at no any other cost as we have taking it upon our duty to monitor everything in other to cub cyber crime that is perpetrated by those impostors.

Thanks and proceed now and get in Contact  with the FBI Special Agent Mr David Donald for the shipment of your ATM Card.

TELEPHONE: (202) 324-3000
FAX: (202) 666-5283
Note: Note: Disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possession of your funds or ATM card, you are hereby advice only to be in contact with Lawyer Advocate Mr David Donald the advocate assigned to you for the delivery of your ATM Card by the ATM card center who is the rightful person to deal with in regards to your payment worth $1.5 Million USD and forward any emails you get from impostors to this office via the above fax number so we could act upon it immediately. Help stop cyber crime

From Mr. Sameh Jawad‏

Good day,

Please I am looking for a profitable business where my
client can invest some money.

I will be waiting for your positive investment idea/advice.

Best Regards,
Mr. Sameh Jawad.

Dear Good Friend, Please Read Carefully And Get Back to Me PLease,‏

From MR. muhamed ouedrago
Dear Good Friend,

How are you together with your family members? I think all is well. Despite the fact that I did not know you in person or have i seen you before but due to the reliable revelation,I decided to share this lucrative opportunity with you, I have no other choice, so kindly consider this message as vital, believing that sooner or later we will be multi millionaires,First and foremost, I have to introduce myself to you.

I am MR. muhamed ouedrago, THE FOREIGN OPERATIONS MANAGER OF OUR BANK here in my country, BURKINA FASO WEST AFRICA. I am married with two children.I want you to assist me in other to transfer the sum of TWENTY FIVE, FIVE Million United States Currency ($25.500,000.00) into your reliable account as the Next of Kin to our Foreign Business partner , the original owner of the fund.

He was a foreigner and a multi company holder who died in a plane crash with his family years ago, he deposited the fund in our bank for his business expansion in Africa unfortunately he met this sudden and untimely death and the worst thing that happened was the wife who suppose to be the successor of the account died alongside with him.

Since the deceased left no body behind to claim the fund, as a foreigner, you are in better position for that, and no body will come for the claim after you have applied.If you are ready to assist me, set up a new bank account or forward to me any one available so that the process will commence.

I will guide you on how you should apply for the claim so that everything will be smooth and correct. After the transfer, i will resign and come over to your country for the sharing of the fund 50/50 base on the fact that it is two man business.

Finally, note that you are not taking any risk because there will be a legal back up as we commence.Further information will be given to you as soon as I receive.

Fill this information

Your Full Names......................... ......
Phone Number .............................. ...
Age........................... ................
Occupation.................... ................
Country .............................. ........

Your reply.Sincerely,
MR. muhamed ouedrago

Regarding Your Funding Request‏

Dear Valued Partner,

We will like to be a financial partner in your business transaction.
Moreso, we are ready to facilitate and fund any business that is
capable of generating Three(3) to Ten(10) Percent(%) annual return on
investment (AROI) depending on the fund you are requesting. Joint
Venture (JV) partnership and loan financing can also be considered.

Please contact me with your funding requirements/BP for review for a
possible business collaboration on williams@***.com

I await your response and your Business Plan

Williams Smith
Chief Executive Officer
© 2012, Kelcarter Global Investors Limited.
Email: williams@***.com

New Message from Chase Online(SM)‏ <-- SPAM!!

Important Security Message 

Dear Chase Online(SM) Customer:

Due to irregular activity on your Chase Online(SM) Banking account,we need to confirm your identity.
In the first instance we use Secure Online Identification and if this is successful,
that is all that is required to secure your online account.
Please click on the link below to verify your account
For your protection, transactions on your account may be limited until we are able to confirm your identity. We realize that this precaution may cause you some inconvenience; however keeping your account safe is our top priority.

Thank you.


Christopher J. Palumbo
Senior Vice President
Chase Fraud Prevention

Please Do Not Reply to this Email. This is a notification-only email that cannot accept incoming replies.

Re: Confirm you are the owner of this email‏

Good day and how are you today?

Listen carefully to this vital information I have for you, but as courtesy demands let me introduce my self, I am Mr. James Pickersgill and Administrative Assistants at European Union, London commission, United Kingdom. There is information i think that might be of great interest to you.

Before I further give you details, you are required to confirm the real ownership of this email ID. Already I have your name and details in our file here in the office, but somehow I am not comfortable and too sure in disclosing the information because i do not know if I am talking to the right person that is why you need to confirm.

So I just want to make sure am communicating with the real owner of this Email ID Whom we also have your other details in our data. If you can proof that you are the owner of this email ID, then I will furnish you with the information that I have for you.

By your response, if you can be able to identify your name and address as we have it in Data here, I will proceed and let you know what news we have for you.

I am taking this preventive measure because I do not want to talk to the wrong person because of the sensitivity of the information regarding your out standing Payment.

Other details will be forwarded to you as soon as I am convinced I am communicating with the right person. Please send me a copy of identification together with your details.


Thank You

Mr. James Pickersgill

Administrative Assistants

European Union

London commission, United Kingdom


Tel: 44 (0) 7045708202

Friday, July 20, 2012

get back to me

Greeting to you,

Let my letter not be a surprise to you. My name is Mrs. Melly from Philippines but based here in Burkina Faso as a business woman dealing with gold exportation. I am a sick woman who has decided to donate what I have to charity through you. You may be wondering why I chose you. But someone has to be chosen. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer disease which doctors have confirmed that i have just few days to leave, Now that I’m ending the race like this, without any family members and no child,

I have ($200.000) in one of my bank account here which I instructed the bank to distribute to orphanage Homes here in Burkina Faso and it’s done already, Then after my prayer today my spirit moved me to search on internet and contact any lucky person and hand over the sum of ($750.000) usd in my other account to the person for the help of orphanages homes, motherless baby homes and charity homes in his/her country and for my soul to rest with God.

         But you must assure me that you will take 30% of the money and share the rest to the orphanages homes, motherless baby homes, and charity homes in your country, If you can respect this my wish and assure me that you will use the money as I instructed when I have left, kindly get back to me urgently to enable me forward you the bank contact details and my International passport for them to change the funds to your own name and transfer it to you because without presenting my International passport the bank will never listen to you, Get back to me urgently if you can help me to fulfill my wish, Note that according to the bank rules it will only cost you for change of ownership just to change the fund to your own name and transfer it to you that is all, but if you cannot help me please reply so that I can look for another person because if no one apply for my money when am gone it will go to bank treasury and they will not use it to help the needy once to fulfill my wish.

Remain Bless

I’m afraid to want what I desire because that would set me apart, be different‏

http::/*** ave only darkness. This is also my terror that if I let go of my anger, my RAGE that is what I’ll do, that I’ll destroy everything and so I control my anger and rage so that I wo

From Mrs. Philomena‏

Dear Friend,

I am Mrs. Philomena Bruzuel from Ethiopia, married to Martins Bruzuel, who worked with Merrex Gold Inc; My Husband was working with this Gold Company in Burkina Faso before he died in a ghastly motor accident on his way to a Board meeting.

I and my Husband were married but without any children, and since after his death three years ago I decided not to re-marry. Presently I am 62 Years old.

When my late husband was Alive he deposited the sum of $7.2 million dollars with a Bank in Burkina Faso. Presently this money is still with the Bank and the management has been sending me mails as the beneficiary to come forward to receive the money or rather Issue a letter of authority to somebody to receive it on my behalf. I am presently in a hospital where I have been undergoing treatment on Cancer of the lungs. I have lost my ability to talk and my Doctors have told me that I have only a few months to live.

That is why I decided to contact you so that you will apply to the Bank and get the money out from Bank and use it for charity purposes. When you get the money out from Bank, utilize 75% of the fund to churches, orphanages and widows around the world. And 25% of the fund will be yours for the respect of your assistance to carry out the duty on my behalf.

As soon as I receive your reply I shall tell you what you will do next and how to get in contact with the Bank. Please assure me, if I make's you the beneficiary of  my late Husband’s Fund, will you be trustworthy and act accordingly as I stated  here and Keep this contact confidential till such a time this $7.2 million dollars get into your account. This is to ensure that nothing jeopardizes my last wish on Earth.

I am sending you this mail right here in the hospital through the hospital’s office computer, get back to me immediately so that I will tell you what to do next and how you will get in contact with the Bank where the money was laying dormant, to enable them re-transfer the $7.2 million dollars into your bank account, so that you can go ahead and fulfills my wish and heart desire concern the charity purposes.

I await your urgent respond.


Mrs. Philomena Bruzuel


I must say sorry for interfering into your privacy without seeking for permission. It&#39;s because of urgency of this matter. I&#39;m Mr Hazza&#39; Al Masory the Director in charge of audit and account unit department, with the bank&quot;Africa Development Bank&quot;(A.D.B) here in Burkina Faso . I have decided to contact you for a mutual beneficial transaction with 100% risk free.

In April 17th, 2003, late Mr. Lu Yunpeng, a multimillionaire and president of Henan-based Yunpeng Cultural Development Co Ltd China moved some cash From Europe to the above mentioned bank (A.D.B). The fund arrived during the time Lu Yunpeng was been on trial, when the matter of Mr. Lu Yunpeng; was take to court, he was found guilty and sentenced death. As his account officer he instructed that I should put a hold on the fund that was supposed to go to China pending on the outcome of his trial.

In May 18th, 2006 he was sentenced to death and the fund remained unclaimed till date. As his account officer I was aware that nobody knows about this fund movement except his cousin (Zhao Mingjie) some men broke into (Zhao Mingjie) room and choked him to death after beating him..Due the guilty offends committed at the end of court of conviction. Please click this link below for further information:

PLEASE CLICK this link for further information:

The Amount involved is ($5.3M) Five million three hundred united state dollars.I want to utilize this opportunity and make use of this fund by transferring the money to you,At the conclusion of the transfer you will take 40%, 10% will be for any expenses both parties incurred in the process of this business and the remaining 50% will be for me. . I want to work with you on it.
Please reply back and lets benefit from this golden opportunity. You are my first contact. I shall wait for days and if I do not hear from you, I shall look for another person but If you are interested, please forward the following information as below:
{1} Your Name/company&#39;s name and full.................. address.........................
{2} Bank Name:..................................................................................
{3} Bank Address..................................................................................
{4} Account No:....................................................................................
{5} Swift Code...{if any}...........................{6} Account Holder&#39;s Name: ...............................
{7} your telephone Num. both Home, Office &amp; Cell/fax................Mobile ........................................
{8} Your Occupation.................................................................................................................
{9} Your Valid ID................................. {10} Sex ..........................................( 11) martial status........................... {11}Age.....................
Reply to My Email address (mrhazzaalmasory@***.com).

Waiting for your urgent reply confidentially
Best regards
Mr Hazza&#39; Al Masory

From Mr.Glenn Frank.‏

From Mr.Glenn Frank.
Burkina Faso.

Dear Friend,
Good day to you. I am Mr.Glenn Frank a lawyer and personal confidant to Abdullah Senussi who was the intelligence chief of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of ($39.5) million to your account within 14 banking days from a bank in Burkina Faso. This money belongs to my master Abdullah Senussi and was deposited in the bank on the name of his son. The urgent need for the transfer of this fund is to avoid confiscation by the Libyan government as they quest the seizure of every related assets belonging to Late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and his aides. I am contacting you in a good faith so that the bank will release the money to you for safe keeping/investments till the release of my master who is now in custody.
So if you are capable of receiving this money,let me have a positive response from you via return mail for more personal discussions on how we are going to go about it.Contact me in this my private email address for security purpose {glenn_3434@***.fr}.


Invitation: From Mrs Doris Sambou.‏


    Dearest Beloved,

    My name is Mrs. Doris Sambou, I was a nurse and an elder in the Church. I was married to the Late Sir Gerald White Sambou who worked with the Burkina Faso Coton Company here Burkina Faso for over a decade before he died on 5th of July in the year 2007.

    Recently, my Doctor told me that I would not last for the next 4 months due to a rare form of cancer of the pancreas. Though what disturbs me most is my stroke, I have no one to inherit my late husband's estate. Please accept to stand as the beneficiary to my late husband funds and receive his estate, When my late husband was alive he kept USD$5,000.000.00 (Five Million United State Dollars) with one of the bank here in Burkina Faso.

    Presently, this funds is still with the bank. the money will be transferred to your personal bank account in your state city as soon as I am convince that you will help me with all your heart. my private lawyer will prepare all the required Legal documents to your name. The money is meant for the project for the less privileged and down trodden in our society and also donate it to the recent earthquake crises that happened in Japan. So do not be afraid of anything.

    One last thing my dearest, please use this money for its purpose as it is my late husband's dying wish and also 'Allah's plan'...

    I will be very glad to hear from you.

    Thank you and may Almighty Allah bless you and protect your family.

    Your Sister In Islam
    Mrs Doris Sambou. My E-mail address (mrsdorissambou44@***.com)

    S.U. nu!

We loan at 0.2%‏

We loan at 0.2%, Any interested person,irrespective of your country should contact us now Via email for more information.

Contact Email: ukloanteamonline@***.cn

UK-Loan Solution Team.


Attention Sir/Madam,
We offer all types of loan at 3%, Email us for details.

Thanks For Your Patronage!

Mr,Morris Bakers.
Financial Controller/London Operation Manager.
Tel: +448719743***

Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Attention: Beneficiary,‏


Attention: Beneficiary,

We are happy to in form you officially that we received approval letter today from Federal Ministry of Finance Office, authorizing our Bank Western Union to program a total sum of $2,500,000.00 USD and pay you through our western union money transfer system for your easy pickup and warned against any unforeseen delay that could make your fund not to get to you in a timely manner.

The Federal Ministry of Finance chairman (Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala ) have submitted your payment file to the Federal Republic of Nigeria Consulate for screening and all data have being confirmed correct to pay you a total sum of $2,500,000.00 USD as a result overdue contract/Inheritance Funds/Compensation Funds and your Lottery Winning funds so far. We have been advised to send you $5000 USD every day because Western Union laws here in Nigeria Republic can only transfer a maximum of $5.000 USD every day to you.

We have today transferred your first US$5000.00 available for your pickup at any western union office in your City, but still on hold due to the unpaid activation fee of $163USD which you supposed to pay before your transfer will be release for pickup.


For your convenience check your first $5000.00 installment transfer online at on the space provided at western union obal clicks TRACKING and fill the bellow information website.
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) :# 5820554539
Sender First Name: Samson
Sender Last Name: Nwamu
MTCN:.... 5820554539

You will pickup the $5000 USD at any western union office in your country after 15 mins you send the $163 activation fee of your daily installment account. You are to send the activation fee today on our bellow information through Western Union or store close to you:-

Receive by: ......Robert   Obinna
City : ...........Benin City
Country: .........Nigeria
Zip Code: ........+234
Text Question: ...Faith?
Answer: ..........In God
Amount: ..........US$163
Sender name......
Sender Address.....

As soon as you transfer the activation fee, send us the transfer MTCN on our bellow contact information to enable us receive and proceed with immediate transfer release of your $5000 USD today. Thanks for using our service while we wait your kind response,
Mr.James Kando
call me now +234-8156070652
Director Remit Dept
Diamond Bank Western Union Department
E-Mail; wumoneytransfer@***.com

Data File Number: Un1297-2012‏

We wish to inform you that you have won (One Million British Pound Sterlings)
in the Microsoft Online Monthly Lottery held this month of July with
Ticket Number (EKT/LTUK/3410) and the Lucky Numbers (BTUK5890BD) (01)
For claim of Prize,please forward to us 1.Name: 2.Address 3.Age: 4.Sex:
5.Phone: 6.Country:7:Ticket Number and Lucky Number Contact: Mrs.Rita Hall.

Congratulations once again.
Yours faithfully,
Mrs.Rita Hall.
On-line Coordinator

This message has been scanned for viruses and
dangerous content by MailScanner, and is
believed to be clean.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Final Notification***Your E-mail ID Have Won***‏

The British National Lottery
P O Box 1010
3b Olympic Way, Sefton Business Park,
Aintree, Liverpool , L30 1RD
(Customer Services)

Ref: UK/9420X2/68
Batch: 074/05/ZY369
Ticket number:56475600545 188
Lucky Numbers: 05,06,17,20,28,42(Bonus33)


We wish to congratulate and inform you on the selection of cash prize £1,000,000.00 (British Pounds) held this July 2012 in London Uk.The selection process was carried out through random selection in Our computerized email selection system (ess) from a database of over 250,000 email addresses drawn from which you were selected. And Your e-mail address attached to ticket number: 56475600545 188 with Serial number 5368/02 drew the lucky numbers: 05, 06, 17, 20, 28, 42 (Bonus 33) ,which subsequently won you the
lottery in the 1st category i.e match 5 plus bonus.

You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of One Million British Pounds Sterling in cash credited to file KTU/ 9023118308/03. This is from a total cash prize of Four Million Pounds,shared amongst the (4)lucky winners One Million each in this category i.e Match 6 plus bonus. For due processing of your winning claim,please contact the FIDUCIARY AGENT Information Officer Mr. Parry Cole who has been  assigned to assist you. You are to contact him with the following details for the release of your winnings.

Agent Name: Mr. Parry Cole
Tel: +44 701 005 8893
Email: bnlclaimagenty@***.ie

Contact him, please provide him with the following Requirements below:

Claims Requirements:
1.Name in full----------------------
6.Sex ------------------------------
8.Present Country-------------------

If you do not contact your claims agent within 7 working days of this Notification, your winnings would be revoked. Winners are advised to keep their winning details/information from the public to avoid Fraudulent claim (IMPORTANT) pending the prize claim by Winner.

*Winner under the age of 18 are automatically disqualified. *Staff of the British Lottery are not to partake in this Lottery.

Accept my hearty congratulations once again!

Mrs. Elizabeth Williams
Group Coordinator
Note that you are not to reply to this E-mail,please contact your claimsofficer directly to start the processing of your claims application form.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012



I am Miss.Ayesha Gaddafi, one of the daughters of the embattled president of Libya, I am currently residing in one of the African Countries, unfortunately as a refugee. At the meantime,my family is the target of Western nations led by Nato who wants to destroy my father at all costs. Our investments and bank accounts in several countries are their targets to freeze.

I have been commissioned to contact an interested foreign investor/partner who will be able to take absolute control of part of the vast cash available to private account with my late brother who was killed by NATO air strike, for a possible investment in your country.

If this transaction interest you, you don’t have to disclose it to any body because of what is going with my entire family, if the united nation happens to know this account, they will freezing it as they freeze others so keep this transaction for yourself only until we finalize it.I want to transfer this money into your account immediately for onward investment in your country because I don’t want the united nation to know about this account.

Therefore if you are capable of running an establishment and can maintain the high level of secrecy required in this project, kindly respond with the following information for details of
the project.

1. Your full names and address
2. Your private telephone and fax numbers
3. Your private email address
4. Age and profession

Best Regard,

Miss.Ayesha Gaddafi.





Please pay attention to this email, because it is from a right source, and everything we are telling you right now is totally confirmed and genuine, as a matter of fact, everybody is aware of the outgoing Internet Scam, although there are still some legit business you can involve your self into on the Internet, but 65% today is scam why 35% is legit.

As we all knows this days, the easiest way to communicate is through email or telecommunication, but due to financial crisis and long distance calls, many people prefer e-mail to e-mail, and it is this same e-mail to e-mail that the Internet Fraudsters are using to take advantage of other people in the Internet, in the year 2009, we have 6,965 Internet fraud case files on our desk, and again, in the year 2010/2011, we also have 12,225 Internet fraud case files on our desk from individual, and we are very sure that there are still some other people out there who are not privilege to report there own scam case to us.

Listen, it has been over 6 month now that the United Nation and the World Bank officials has been holding a meeting on how to release all overdue payment, since all the elected officials for overdue payment release has been doing nothing but to dupe and divert beneficiary funds that they are asked to release to all scam victim to there own personal account in foreign countries, now the United Nation and World Bank Officials has agreed to release all overdue payment funds via a Diplomat Agent.

Now a total sum of $6.5Million United States Dollar has been approved for release to you via a Diplomatic Agent, and the funds would be coming to you in CASH in a portfolio box.

Note, there is a secret about the portfolio box, and the secret is that, we didn't disclosed the portfolio box content to the Diplomatic Agent, and the reason is because, if he knows that the box contain your US$6,500,000.00-{ Six Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollar } he might be having the thought of running away with the funds and bringing back some excuses, so our arrangement with the Diplomatic Agent is that, the box contain a FILES OF YOUR PROPERTIES, so it is only we and you that know the box content, and you must not disclosed the box content to the Diplomatic Agent until you get the box from him.

The arrangement has been made and sealed up, so the box will get to you in two days after concluding the delivery with the Diplomatic Agent, please contact the Diplomatic Agent in charge of the box delivery to you below.

FedEx Diplomatic Courier Company :
Person In-charge: Diplomatic Nelson Gerrard
Address: 1 Fleming Rd Route 24, Meadowdale 1401 Johannesburg, South Africa
E-mail: nelson.couriercompany@***.com
Telephone Number: +27736248320

Why contacting the Diplomatic Agent, let him understand that you are contacting him in regard of your Portfolio Box with Identification Number: 82509, once you contact him with the Box Identification Number, he will comply with you and give you the Box Delivery Schedule, but take note, he will demand you to pay $205 for Clearance of the box in there warehouse before proceeding with the box delivery to you, and also make sure you furnish him with your personal information below.

First Name:__________________ Last Name:_______________
City:__________State:______________Zip code:____________
Home Tel:_____________Fax:_____________Cell___________
Date Of  Birth:_________________________________________
Copy of your driving license of international passport_____________

With the Box Identification Number above, the Diplomatic Agent will identify your Portfolio Box, and once again don't ever let him knows the box content until you receive the box from him, if you contact him, and if he is asking you the box content, always let him knows that the box contain a FILES OF YOUR PROPERTIES, let no one knows the box content for it will help the safety of the box delivery to you.

Best Regards,
Mr. Dennis Miller
From United Nation Agent, South Africa Branch.

Can i place your video on our site?‏


Donna Ross has sent you a message.

Date: 07/17/2012

Subject: Can i place your video on our site?

Can i place your video on our site?

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Dr Salif Tendogo‏

From Dr Salif Tendogo
Manager Audit &amp; Account Dept
Bank of Africa B.O.A Ouagadougou
Burkina Faso West Africa.

Dear Friend,
                           Greeting;s to you and your entire family!
I am Dr Salif Tendogo , a banker with the above mentioned bank in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso in West Africa, holding the post of Manager Audit &amp; Account Dept.

On December, 25, 2003, one Mr Ron Morris,an American who base in Lebanor, An Astute Business man of international repute, a contractor with ecowas country, whose endeavors spans various areas of Business interest, (Real estate, contract and Farming .etc) made a numbered time (Fixed) Deposit, valued at $25,000.000.00 (Twenty Five Million, United States Dollars) for twelve calendar months in my Bank Branch.

Upon Maturity, we sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply. After a month, we sent a reminder and finally we discovered from his company that Mr. Ron Morris was aboard the AF4590 plane, which crashed December, 25  2003.

After further investigation, it was discovered that he died without making a WILL and all attempts to trace his next of kin proved fruitless,On further investigation, it was discovered that Late Mr.Ron Morris did not declare any next of kin or relatives in all his official documents, including his Bank Deposit paper deposited here in our Bank.

The total sum of $(25,000.000.00)twenty five million united state dollars is still in my bank and the interest is being rolled over with the principal sum at the end of each year, All efforts to trace and locate his next of kin proved abortive.

In accordance with the country’s  banking laws and constitution guiding this banking institution stated that  after  the expiration of (10) ten years, if no body or person comes for the claim as the next of kin , such  money will be revert to the Burkina Faso government  treasury if nobody applies as the next of Kin to claim of the fund. Consequently, It is upon this respect, I seek to present you  since no one will come up for the claim.

Upon your acceptance of this proposal, I shall send to you by mail the (B.O.A) Bank &amp; Next of Kin Payment Application Text Form &amp; as well as detailed information on how this deal would be carried out.

The money will be shared in the ratio: 60% for me, 30% percent for you and 10% percent for any arising contingencies during the Course of this transaction. I guarantee that this will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law, as I will use my position in the Bank here to perfect this business transaction  secure Approvals and guarantee the successful execution of this transaction.

Please be informed that your utmost confidentiality is required. If this interests you, I want to remind you of the confidentiality of this Transaction at hand whatever your decision is.

I await your urgent response. Your detailed reply should contain your telephone and fax numbers for easier communication for onward proceeding.

Best Regards
Dr Salif Tendogo
Manager Audit &amp; Account Dept


Hello  *******  ********,
    Information reaching us from USPS Courier Service
confirmed the delivery of your first assignment this week.
The package entails a check of $2750 with instructions on
how to carry out your assignment.
You are required to deposit the cheque of $2750 at your bank
and wait for it to clear. Do note that we deal with banks
ONLY, thus you have to go and deposit the cheque at your
bank only. Reason is that we make monthly reports of our
transactions and financial activities to the government
through the bank, so the records are required. So if your
bank is closed weekends, you have to wait till Monday to go
deposit it at your bank.

    You will be evaluating your Bank, a Wal-Mart store and
a Western Union outlet in your city.The payment you received
covers all expenditures including evaluation, shopping and
your compensation ( Bi-Weekly salary=$300.00 ) for these
surveys. You are to purchase anything of your choice not
more than $50.00 at any Wal-Mart store close to you and also
you will be using Western  Union services to send the
balance to another Secret Shopper to carry out his or her
own assignment. As a Secret Shopper you will pose as a
potential customer sending money to a relative of yours at
the western union. Below is the name/info you will wire the
$2200 balance to via Western Union money transfer outlets.

Receiver's Name : NORMON GOOD
Receiver's Location :  COPELL, TEXAS , 75019
*You don't need an address to send a western, you have all
what you need already*
Money Received(check) • $2750.00•
Bi-Weekly Salary • $300.00•
Wal-mart• $50.00•
Left Over•$2400.00•
Amount to wire• $2200.00•
Western Union Transfer Fees•$200.00•

1• How long it took you to get service =
2• Ambiance/Outlook of the Shop/Outlet =
3• Willingness of the attendant =
4• Customer service professionalism =
5• Reaction of personnel under pressure=
6• How fast did the cashier cash the check at your bank?

1• Name and Address of Sender =
2• 10 Digits Money Transfer Control Number {MTCN #} =
3• Amount Wired =
4• Transfer Fee =
NOTE:  You are required to send your EVALUATION REPORT to
the email address below:


Your new Intuit payment invoice.

Payment received: You received $330.00 from Parks LLC for invoice 49646

You can access the payment details here.

Funds will be deposited in your bank account.

You now have the possibility to get paid by Credit Card on your invoices. To find put more please sign in to your IPN account and click on the 'Profile' tab on the left.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fund Credited‏

Blackberry 2012 Online Promotion!

This E-mail is to officially inform you that your E-mail ID has been announced as the lucky Winner Of £350,000.00 Pounds (Three Hundred And Fifty Thousand British Pounds) credited to WINNING REF NO.BLACKBERRY/732-ZC53CA/2012 and a Blackberry Porsche Design P'9981  Mobile Phone. "Your Email Address" was selected through a computer balloting system drawn from Nine hundred thousand E-mails from Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceanic as part of our international promotions program which is conducted annually. Your Ref Number falls within our European booklet representative's office in the just concluded Blackberry Promotion. This Promotion Program is organized and sponsored by Microsoft, Webmaster Inc. and The Blackberry Officials as the global leading mobile sales product of this year 2012.

To claim your prize, please contact the Prize Administrator department along with your WINNING REF NO. BLACKBERY/732-ZC53CA/2012

CONTACT TEL:    +447035954***
CONTACT E-MAIL: blackberryonlinepromotion@***.com



For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claims is processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program.

Announcer !!!

Mrs. Christy Anderson
Blackberry Award Information Department
Berkshire United Kingdom SL1 3XE
Tel: +447045726602Blackberry 2012 Online Promotion!

This E-mail is to officially inform you that your E-mail ID has been announced as the lucky Winner Of £350,000.00 Pounds (Three Hundred And Fifty Thousand British Pounds) credited to WINNING REF NO.BLACKBERRY/732-ZC53CA/2012 and a Blackberry Porsche Design P'9981  Mobile Phone. "Your Email Address" was selected through a computer balloting system drawn from Nine hundred thousand E-mails from Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceanic as part of our international promotions program which is conducted annually. Your Ref Number falls within our European booklet representative's office in the just concluded Blackberry Promotion. This Promotion Program is organized and sponsored by Microsoft, Webmaster Inc. and The Blackberry Officials as the global leading mobile sales product of this year 2012.

To claim your prize, please contact the Prize Administrator department along with your WINNING REF NO. BLACKBERY/732-ZC53CA/2012

CONTACT TEL:    +447035954***
CONTACT E-MAIL: blackberryonlinepromotion@***.com



For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claims is processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program.

Announcer !!!

Mrs. Christy Anderson
Blackberry Award Information Department
Berkshire United Kingdom SL1 3XE
Tel: +447045726***



I am Mr,Khwaja Salman, working at the auditing and accounting department, BANK OF AFRICA (B .O. A) Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso West Africa, with due respects and regard I have decided to contact you on a business transaction that will be very beneficial to both of us at the end of the transaction.

I know that a transaction of this magnitude will make any one apprehensive and worried, but I am assuring you that all will be well at the end of the day. i came to know you in my Private Search for a Reliable and Reputable Person to handle this Confidential Transaction, which involves the transfer of huge sum of Money to a Foreign Account requiring Maximum Confidence.

During an annual auditing of Account's in this bank, my department came across a very huge sum of money belonging to a deceased person who died in a tragic plane crash on the Lenana Peak, Mount Kenya, Saturday, the 19th day of July, 2003 together with his wife Jean, three of their children and their spouses, and four grandchildren, since then his fund has been dormant in his account with this Bank without any claim of the fund in our custody either from his family or relation before discovery to this development.The said amount was U.S $22.3M (Twenty two. million, three hundred thousand United States dollars).In fact I could have done this transaction alone but because of my position in the country as a civil servant (A Banker), we are not allowed to operate a foreign account and would eventually raise an eye brow on my side during the time of transfer because I work in this bank.

This is the actual reason why it will require a second party or fellow who will forward claims as the next of kin with affidavits of trust of oath to the Bank and also present a foreign account where you will need the money to be transferred into on your request as it may be after due verification and clarification by the correspondent branch of the bank where the whole money will be remitted from, to your own designation bank account.I will not fail to inform you that this transaction is 100% risk free. On smooth conclusion of this transaction, you will be entitled to 45% of the total sum as gratification, while 50% will be for me, also the remaining 5% will be for any expenses such like telephone bills which most involved in this transaction and be rest assured that, any expenses in this transaction would be taken as our burden expenses being incurred, Please, you have been advised to keep this as top secret" as I am still in duty of  service and intend to retire  sooner than later .

I will be monitoring your text of application there in the bank until you confirm the money in your account and ask me to come down to your country for subsequent  disbursement of our funds  in accordance to the percentages, All other necessary, vital information will be sent to you when I hear from you. I look forward to receive your reply urgently. Show your readiness to assist me in this transaction by replying this proposal as early as possible and I want you to assure me of your capability of handling this transfer with trust by giving me the following information's about yourself:

1) Your age:.......................... .....
2) Your occupation:................... ....
3) Are you married?:..................... ..........
4) Your mobile phone number.:...................... .........
5) Your location and full address....................... .............................. ..
6) Scan and send a copy of your identity card to me. :............................. ..
7) Your Fax Number: :............................. ..
8) Sex:.:........................ .......

I will tell you how you can apply to the bank as soon as i receive your response towards this mail. Extend my greetings to your family and you should please try and have trust on me in this transaction so that we shall achieve our aim together. Do not take this very transaction as a joke, I am betting you right now that this is just nothing but reality, so you reply and ask me how you can apply for the text of application form of claim of the deceased fund from the bank. It is the foreign remittance departments that are responsible for transference of fund into your account over there.

Yours faithfully,

Mr  Khwaja Salman.


Dear Friend,

My name is Mr.Ben Zuma, I am the manager foreign remittance department of Bank in Burkina Faso West Africa. I have a business proposal in the tune of ($12.5 Million United States Dollar only) after the successful transfer;We shall share the fund in ratio of 40% for you and 50% for me,while 10% will be mapped out for any expenses we may incurre in this transaction if any.

Please if you are interested,So we can commence all arrangements,And I will Give you more information on how we would handle This project. Please treat this business with utmost Confidentiality and send me the Following information's below to enable us commence immediately:

(1) Full names......................... ............
(2) Private phone number....................
(3) Current residential address............
(4) Occupation.................... .................
(5) Age and Sex........................... ........

Best Regards,
Mr.Ben Zuma

OLÁ minha querida?‏

OLÁ minha querida?
Am Miss Sasha, interessado em você, e
gostaria de ter você como meu amigo,
para o amigo tem tudo a paixão admiração, respeito e amor,
e partilha de ideias,
eu pretendo enviar minha foto para você, se você me responda.
agradecimento de Sasha.

Am miss Sasha ,interested in you, &
wish to have you as my friend,
for friend is all about Respect, Admiration and love passion,
and sharing of ideas,
i intend to send my picture for you, if you reply me.
thanks from Sasha.