Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Investment Concern

Dear Beloved,

I am representing a group of investors , who are interested in overseas
investment in your country, involving large volume of funds, for which we
seek your assistance as overseas representative.
The civil service regulations here, prohibit us from getting involved in
private business, while under government employment, hence this proposal
to you, in view of your impressive profile.
I will be attaching a copy of my international travelers' passport to give
you proper knowledge of my person, as it's appropriate for a transaction
of this nature upon your response.
If you feel disposed towards the solicited role, please indicate by prompt
response, so that I may provide you further details of the transaction,
and also let you know what will be coming to you as remuneration for your
solicited role. After that we shall then come to an understanding
concerning the prospective areas of investment in your domain, that will
be conducive for investors of foreign descent.

I look forward to your prompt response,please reply me at


Yours Truly,
Wang john.

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