Thursday, January 24, 2013


Dear Friend.


Dear Beneficiary, We have been trying to reach you for days now regarding your long over-due fund which you have been finding it difficult to receive via a Certified Bank Draft issued by zenith bank Plc to you, as We have arranged your payment through our International ATM CARD PAYMENT CENTRE in Europe, America, Africa and Asia Pacific, this is part of an instruction/mandate passed by the Senate in respect to overseas contract payment and debt re-scheduling.

ATM code 101 We will send you an International Swift ATM CARD ( Master Card)from zenith bank which you are to use in accessing your funds via in any ATM MACHINE location any where in the world, and the maximum daily limit withdraw will be Fifteen Thousand United States Dollars($15,000..00) valued sum at Two Million Five hundred thousand United States Dollars {$2,500,000.00}. If you desire to receive this funds now that your card has been activated waiting for your response, then contact (Mr James Daniel )only for your ATM master card.

Note that the delivery charges of your ATM master CARD has already being paid to the courier company by the zenith bank organization for shipment to your door address, Apart from the AUTHORIZATION APPROVAL ORDER CERTIFICATE,which stands as the keeping fee of this package to you.The certificate is very compulsory before the shipment to you.As even the courier service will also need to get a copy before facilitating your ATMcard to your door address.

Note that You will be charge less for this AUTHORIZATION APPROVAL ORDER CERTIFICATE,As we have spoken personally with the direct administrative officer in charge on your behalf. and that will be the only required fee you authorize to pay for. after that there is no Hidden charges required for any other reason, to have your ATM master CARD completely insured to your address for daily usage to your complete funds.

All you just need to do is to contact Mr James Daniel for guide lines on how to get the approval order immediately the release of this ATMcard.

Kindly re-confirm your details so as to facilitate the immediate release of your ATM CARD from Zenith Bank immediately.

(1) Your Full Name :
(2) Full Residential Address : (P.O.BOX NOT ALLOWED)
(3) Direct and Current Phone :
(4) Nationality :
(5) Present Country :

Please Note : As soon as your details have been received here by the SWIFT ATM CARD CENTER, you are therefore advised to stop any further communications with all other bodies such as the Compensation and Finance House, Lottery Organization etc ....

So as to facilitate the immediate release of your ATM Card and more so to avoid mis-appropriation of your Card.. Please be aware that you are the only person left to receive your ATM Card out of the three beneficiaries : For more information go to and track this numbers.

They have already received their ATM CARD that was sent to them. or ups/tracking Tracking Numbers: 1Z5W00F31352317873: 1Z5W00F31354472175 Our ATM CODE of conduct is ( ATM 101 ) as this is to be your subject when responding to our email to prove that truly, you received our email and to differentiate our office from any fraudulent office who will be claiming to be us. We shall be expecting to receive your information as you have to stop any further communication with anybody or office.

Thanks for your co-operation.


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