Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello, Good Morning.

Hello, Good Morning.

I know this revelation will keep you wondering why should I trust you with this informations I am about to reveal to you or if what I am saying is the truth especially with the high level of scam mails going around all over the internet, please I need you to trust and believe me if you can, and also I need you to make out time to read this mail attentively in order to understand the reason why I decided to send you this mail.

I am Daniel, 23 years of age, the only child of my parents, Mr and Mrs Ernest Kaloja, My parents were Natives of Ivory Coast before they migrated to the United States when I was just 8 years old. We lived at No 215 West Wieuca Road Northeast Atlanta, Georgia USA and I attended the famous Frederick Douglass High School northwest Atlanta, Georgia USA, but when my mother fell sick and died on June 2002, My father became weak every day and later he fall sick, I believe it was the shock of my mum's sudden death that deteriorated his health.. He got retired from his office, Fidelity National Insurance Company at No 200 Galleria Parkway Southeast Atlanta GA 30339 USA October 2004, from there we moved to New York City because of my dad medication.

Then December 2007 my father called me and told that he doesn't want to die in a foreign land. That he has made enough money, that he felt the best thing for him to do now is for us to relocate back to his home country of COTE D'lVOIRE so that he can set up his own Insurance company and give job opportunities to his people and he also told me that he want me to learn about his people and their culture. On the 14 of December 2008 we returned back to COTE D'lVOIRE.

Then after some time my dad started to look for properties to buy to use for an office, in several occasions I went out with him to inspect some properties. But unfortunately on the 22nd of February 2010 my father collapsed and later died.

Why am telling you all this because now my life in danger and well know that your stranger which you can help me out!!! The reason I am telling you and also revealing to you my family's secret because my late dad's burial is over and my Uncle is searching every where looking for bank documents that my father used in depositing all his money in the bank when his sickness became serious.. But he doesn't know that I have hide the documents in a safe place outside the house where he can not find them based on my late father's advise on his sick bed before his death. This secret has been in my mind for close to a year now and I don't even know who to tell because I need someone to help me receive this money in a foreign account to enable me leave here peacefully. This is the reason I make contact with you to help me received the money.

That mean you will provide an account where the money will be transfer into then I will take the next available flight to join you once you confirm to me that you have received the money in your account... I have thought about it and I came to the conclusion that this is the only way I can get the money transfer out of here without my uncle knowing about it. If you have the fear of God Almighty and believe that you can help me please respond to this mail include with your direct telephone number and also try to call me for more details.

I want you to know that I passed by so many people and many profile before I came in contact with your contact info and when I did, my heart and the spirit of God dwelling inside me asked me to confide and trust you.

Please get back to me ASAP, Reply to this email (daniel1004@***.net)

God bless you as I look forward in meeting you soon!!!


Daniel Kaloja.


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