Sunday, September 16, 2012

Treat As Urgent From Mr. Patrick William!!

Company Reg. No. 03618915


How are you together with your family members? I think all is well. Despite the fact that I did not know you in person or have i seen you  before but due to the reliable revelation, I decided do this business with you, I have no other choice.

First, I have to introduce myself to you. I am Mr. Patrick William, the sales manager of Hatton Garden Ltd. The company has been recognized for manufacturing high quality Golden and Silver Earrings, Pendants and Necklace style Rings Jewelries by name DIAMOND MIXTURE.

As a specialist jewelry manufacturing company, we needs raw material by name diamond mixture which we used for the manufacturing of our  company products we buy a gram of Diamond Mixture $780 from dealers in London, recently I discovered a supplier in Middle East that offered  me a gram $349 and quality is the same, I offered my company $500 per gram and they are very happy to buy 5kg.My personal profit in 5kg is  $700.000.00 (Seven hundred thousand US Dollars).I am contacting you because my manager will be traveling to UAE for the purchase in few  days time.

Now I want you to act as the middle marketer between the main Dealers in UAE of this product and our company here in London in the sense  that you will buy this product from the main dealers at the rate of US$349/per gram and sell to our company at the rate of US$500/per grams  after I might have introduced you to our company as the main dealer, and also given you the main dealer's contact in Middle East for you to  contact them to know the availability of the product in their stock.

You will met our purchasing manager on arrival to Middle East UAE, or he will give you a call on his arrival to UAE then you will take him  to his hotel and show him the materials to convince him you are the dealer, after that you will go and purchase the rest from the main  dealer, bring the product to his hotel, or your office and collect cash from him, finish. You extract our profit and take your money back  to where you bring it. It's a day transaction.

My Company is presently running out of stock of this product. If you are interested and promise your honesty in this business please do get  in touch with me so that we can reach into an agreement on how to share this $700.000.00 (Seven hundred thousand US Dollars) profit. I only  want you to assure me that you will be honest with me, and also keep this business secret between both of us, so that our company will not realize that I connived with  you to inflate the price of the product for my own interest because if they do, as I say, I will loss my job and also my career will be  jeopardized.

I will tell you more things about this business if I find you are interested to do the business and I will also guide you to the success of  it. Do get back to me at patrickwilliam182@***

Awaiting your reply.
Mr. Patrick William
Sales Manager

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