Monday, September 24, 2012

ONYX album

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a management group representing the rap group ONYX. They were formed in 1993, and have sold millions of copies of their so far released albums. They have worked with famous labels such as, Def Jam, Sony, and  Universal Records.

Their first album "Bacdafacup" is certified multi-platinum, and won the Soul Train’s ‘Best Rap Album’ of the year in 1994. The second album "All We Got Iz Us", is certified gold-platinumand was named by Vibe as “the best produced album of 1995, and an album every Hip-Hop fan should own”. The third album "Shut ‘Em Down" marked the group’s highest debuton the "Billboard 200" at number 10. Two singles were released from this album, "React" which features the very first major appearance of 50 Cent, and "Shut ‘Em Down" featuring DMX. Another track from the album entitled "The Worst" featured a collaboration with  Wu-Tang Clan.

During the last few years they have been working very hard on two new albums which are almost finished. They are entitled "Cuzo", and "Blac Rock". Cuzo is an album that sees ONYX return to their true roots of making "classic street albums". This is an album that all ONYX, and classic Hip Hop fans have been waiting for, and wanting to hear. Nobody in the music business releases such classic street albums anymore, but we believe that this will work to our advantage! Hip Hop, and music fans will get to experience what they have been longing for, for a long time."Black Rock" is an album that is a mixture of Rap, and Rock. It is aimed at a wider music audience. On their first album "Bacdafacup", ONYX collaborated with the Rock band "Biohazard". They made a soundtrack entitled "Judgment Night", that is certified double-platinum. They also made "Slam Remix", which was a remix of the number #5 single  of the entire year, Slam.

Recently they have been touring the globe performing many concerts, from South America, Europe, to Russia, gathering many new fans, and reaching out to their existing fans. Many more concerts are scheduled in Europe as this is where the main fan base is. As a result, ONYX are ready to release their album entitled "Cuzo".As Europe is our main fan base, we would love to have an opportunity to work with a European label and reach the majority of our fan base easier.

For a preview of the album, you can have a look at the below videos, and please do let us know if you need any of the below in mp3 format.

Onyx - Classic Terror
Onyx - Money In The Sky
Onyx - Black Hoodie Rap
Onyx - Mad Energy

Looking forward to your reply and thanking you for your time.

Yours sincerely,
Onyx Management

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