Friday, May 18, 2012


Attn: Sir/Maddam

As a matter of urgency by the approval of my  Patient {Mrs Helen Venkat Ashok } a Widow an American born Indian Citizen who is at the point of death here in Hospital She made an oral Will for her bond investment of ?20.878.678 with one of the bank/security company She mandated me as her Doctor to find a good Citizen whom will make use of this fund as humanitarian assistance and whom will use of this fund to help the less privilege in the World For the past few hours she has been in a state of comma and medically she has no chance of survival.

    If you can be trusted with such humanitarian help acknowledge by confirming your detail contact address which will include phone/fax numbers  Age/occupation As soon as i hear from you i will explain your role in details.

    Dr. Johannes Scheepers

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