Thursday, May 24, 2012

Business proposal,‏

Best Regards!

My name is Mr. Benjamin Aburi. I am a banker here in Ghana. I got your contact from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Ministry of International Trade and Industry. I need your help to transfer USD$7,500,000.00 dollars.

The money is part of the profits from our bank last year (i.e. 2011). I have already submitted annual report for last year to my bank head quarters in Accra - Ghana, and they did not notice the excess profits. I deposited the USD$7,500,000.00 dollars in an escrow account without a beneficiary (Anonymous), to avoid any trace.

I cannot be directly connected to this money because I still work with the bank. So, I need your help to transfer this money to your country for me and you to share. I offer you 45% of this money as my foreign partner and 55% would be for me. There is no risk involved because it will be a bank-to-bank transfer. All I need from you is to stand as my foreign partner and owner of the money to enable you present a foreign bank account where the money will be transferred to.

If you accept this proposal, I am prepared to go into partnership with you. Please kindly reply to me for more information on how to proceed.

Mr. Benjamin Aburi.
Phone: +233-548-095-***.

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