Sunday, February 03, 2013

Saw your SOLAVEI site..Would like to join!!

Hello Again..
Phil & Bev Collins here,

We're very excited about building
a large SOLAVEI downline
and are hoping that you
will be our sponsor!!

A year ago we came across an amazing
system that has allowed us to earn
an (extra) $247,000 in just the
last 10 months alone..and
we want to use this same
system to build a very
large income with

What we found now allows us to easily send
several hundred visitors to any website
we choose each and every day..this
means that signing up 10+ new
distributors or customers
a day is very easy to do!!

Then, our downline uses the same system
to grow their groups, which means we
can easily build a downline of
at least 3000+ people in
less then 90 days!!

So, what we're looking for is a sponsor who will be
excited about using the same system to earn many
thousands of dollars monthly..even weekly,
as they support us and our new
SOLAVEI team!!

Please take (30-min) now to see our system
at the link below..and then CALL US
so that we can walk you through
the simple set-up, and then
join SOLAVEI under
you right away!!

Looking forward to working with you...

Phil & Bev Collins


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