Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Congratulations from Adrian and Gillian Bayford

Gillian Adrian Bayford

Congratulations from Adrian and Gillian Bayford ,

After much consideration and observation on your personality on
Facebook.com Admin , we have been able to investigate your personality
and we have confirmed that you need an extension of financial aid to
achieve some financial complications you are currently encountering .
Myself and my husband with the management of Gillian and Adrian
Bayford Foundation has therefore decided to choose you as a
beneficiary of our charity donation .
Myself and my husband won 148 million dollars from Euro Lottery
,and we have decided to share 10 % of this gift with different ethnic
nationality worldwide , you have been luckily choose as the
beneficiary of 1.5 million pounds by our charity Foundation , and we
have approved your payment and contracted payment to the Proactive
payment consultants in United Kingdom .
Kindly contact this office and carefully provide all required
information to process your payment .
Contact officer - Craig Brown
Contact Email - prpaymentconsultants@***.com
Once again congratulations , and please do not expose our contact
information , as some people had given our contact to public in the
past and we have encountered traffic messages on our email , kindly
regard our contact information confidential for security reasons .

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