Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Video 2 is ALIVE! (and your HELP is needed)

The good news is....

"Blog Beast Redemption" Video 2 is ALIVE

(click here, turn up your volume and watch it)

...and it reveals things about the "Blog Beast"

platform that you are going to LOVE, like....

- how you can now set up a high impact, low

maintenance marketing blog faster than a FB profile

(we prove it too with a side-by-side demo)

- how to blog from your phone (this ROCKS...

and we show you live in Video 2 how it's done)

- how to manage MULTIPLE blogs from one

easy back office area (so you can throw your

clunky password sheet away and manage all

your marketing from one place!)

- an easy way to add video and audio to your

blog without encoding, recoding, or decoding

a dang thing (if you can copy and paste, you'll

love this)

- how to let the "Blog Beast" platform do all

the boring technical and time consuming work

of setting up and optimizing your blogs (the right

way) so you can save time, save money....

....and only focus on things in your business

that make you money.

Plus a whole gang of other cool stuff that will

make your life and business more fun, more simple

and more profitable.

This really is the future... and it's so simple a

Grandma can do it (while cooking a pancake)...

"Blog Beast Redemption" Video 2 is ALIVE

(click here, turn up your volume and watch it)

The bad news is....

Dave and Dave have gotten themselves into a very,

very DANGEROUS situation that they never


...and they need your help.

Watch the entire video and see what I mean!

"Blog Beast Redemption" Video 2 is ALIVE

(click here, turn up your volume and watch it)

We'll talk to ya soon (hopefully)....

- Dave Sharpe, Eduardo & Ricardo

"In need of your help"

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