Thursday, December 19, 2013

My dear

 My dear,

I'm writing this letter to you hoping to have your quick response. I'm Mrs. Suzanne Brigham from Solomon Island.  Due to my present health condition i want to hand you over my fortune so that you will help me establish a humanitarian project in your area for the help of the poor. I am having esophageal cancer for years and presently writing to you from my hospital bed. I am a widow and childless since after the death of my husband.

Yesterday my doctor indicated that i have no much time to live as a result of the tip stage of the cancer in my body. Owing to the fact that i have attended many medical treatments but no avail i have nothing else to do but to dispose my money to a reliable fellow who can help me utilize the money for humanitarian work. I chose you because i want to avoid the awareness of my husband's relatives over the money, they will rather misappropriate it if left to them. I rather die in this hospital than going home to face humiliation from my husband relatives who took away all my assets and jewels and left me uncared-for just because my husband is dead and i have no issue.

I heartily decided to will the money to a reliable fellow and will quickly guide you to receive the money from my bank.
I communicated you here shortly because i cannot speak well on telephone due to the pains in my throat, moreover to avoid the knowledge of the kin of my late husband's over my last wish.
However i will appreciate your positive answer to this proposal but if you do not have confidence or would not be capable to handle this task please you kindly delete it and accept my sincere apology for contacting you in this manner.

I will appreciate your quick reply due to my present health situation.
Remain blessed.

Mrs. Suzanne Brigham.

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