Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mrs. Supini Thrunkul (Serail)


 Compliments and good day to you and your family.

I write you this mail as a reminder once more having waited patiently for your response to my initial contact with you through snail mail.

 However since I assume you did not get it I want to use this medium even though it might not be the best form of communication in matters like this due to the ever growing disbelief and illicit scams and fraud associated with it, I seem to have no choice than to make use of it, coupled with the fact that it might be just perfect due to the ability to redeem time.

 Without wasting much of your time I am Mrs. Supini Thrunkul, an accountant with China Minsheng Banking Corporation Limited I want to bring you into a business venture which I think should be of interest and concern to you, since it has to do with a perceived family member of yours this is because there is a substantial amount of funds which I suspect is tied to a distant family member of yours.

 However I need to be sure that you must have received this communication so I will not divulge much information about it until i get a response from you.

 Kindly respond back to me.

Mrs Supini Thrunkul

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