Sunday, December 22, 2013

[9PM EST] Here's where we're live ...tonight :)


Back in 2002, I was sitting in a room

with 5 other people---and a man in a

suit, drawing out circles, on a whiteboard...

...if you just get 5, and they get 5---you're

going to be...


Of course... excited by the fantasy of

the exponential multiplication of all of

the grandma's and grandpa's in the world

choosing to abandon wal-mart and instead

by soap from me...

...I set out, to attack each wal-mart in town,

one by one ...and,

Unfortunately, none of the 5 people I

invited to my furniture-less house in

Phoenix, Arizona joined.

Because they didn't have this.

And ...what I was doing was, quite frankly:


5 don't get 5 who get 5, who get 5.

Or ...the whole world would have gotten

in the first MLM that existed, approximately

30 days after it's existence.

And as far as good ways to sell stuff, wandering

around isn't the best.


10 years later, I'm sitting in a Safeway in

Honolulu, hawaii, and I download a copy

of a book about this homeless guy, who

started to get rich quick, the easy way:


So I 'stumbled' into a secret process, and now just

4 years later, I have a team of over 190,000

people (will hit 200,000 in November) and

how did I do it?


I've never learned paid traffic.

I don't know SEO.

It hasn't mattered.

Because I learned, what I'm going to show

you tomorrow night, at 9pm EST ---- here:

Click Here at 9pm EST, tonight.

We're replacing the good old 'Empower Hour'

with a 'new fashion' hangout, just for tomorrow it IS the last day of the 'epic launch'

The Blog Beast.

NOW is your last chance to get your bonuses for joining.

Click Here.

Click Here at 9pm EST, tomorrow night.

Because you want this.

And I'm going to show you, along with

a group of the most awesome people ever... to get rich now, blogging.

The easy way.

Love ya,

David Wood

P.S.  You're awesome, and BECAUSE your
awesome, click here, and see our average earnings.


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