Sunday, June 30, 2013

This Is Almost Cheating ;-)

It's taken a little 'testing' and 'tweaking'

to discover the formula.....

....but after extensive scientific

calculations and having some of the

smartest math minds in the world

working our on 'money metrics'....

....we've got it.

And we now know exactly how to

create a....

- $1,000 a week income

- $10,000 a month income

- $100,000 a month income

...and so on.


When you hear all the so called 'gurus'

and 'talking heads' teaching how to make

money, they tend to leave out all the 'details'

because - if they actually gave you full disclosure

it would leave you feeling hopeless.

So they tend to speak in unspecific terms.

Which sounds theory.

But works like crap in real life.

Which is why after listening to the 'gurus'

and 'talking heads' pitch deal after deal, jump

from company to company, and have a different

philosophies each week about how they're going

to help you break free from the bondage of

poverty....'re bank account is still sitting on empty... an old rusted out gas tank.

Well, that all


We've got a formula we've dissected and

tested that works - and we can prove it

works....every time it's applied.

The best part is, no matter what your

goals are in your business, this formula

will help you get there.

And it will do it:

Without you jumping through hoops.

Or sponsoring 100 people a day.

Or building a team in the thousands.

It's actually....

Really simple.

Anyone can do it.

And it works.

(really good)

Every time.

The only questions is.....

Will you do it?

Or will you continue to 'grind' for

weenie commissions selling overpriced

products that you don't whole heartily

believe in?

We've all done it.

But some of us have broke through

to the other side.

Typically when someone asks me....

"Is the grass really greener on the other side?"

I say...

"No, it's just artificial turf."

But in this case.....

The grass is MUCH greener on this side.

More so than anything I've ever done before.

And MUCH easier.

And MUCH more simple.


Here's what I'm going to do:

I have a 3-part video series that will

break down this formula in detail for you,

and I'm willing to give it to you as a free

bonus - on a few conditions.

1. You don't share it yet (we're still testing

it out internally)

2. You apply it

3. You share your results with us in

our private Facebook group

If you're good with those 'terms'....

Here's what you need to do next:

Get our core blogging system first (you'll need it)

It's only $25: Get It Here (click)

After you're "in", we'll send you an

email with a link to our private Facebook

group where we'll give you access to the

private video series.

You want this.


You're going to love it :-)

Get our viral blogging system here and

then get set up as an affiliate:

Here's The Bonus Link You Need

This offer will come down tomorrow night

at midnight.

So get movin....

- To Your Success

Big Idea Mastermind

"100% Commission Scientist"

P.S. Obviously this formula only applies

when you actually apply it. So that means

you can't actually sit on the side lines and

get rich quick. Although I personally believe

when you work hard, apply good metrics

that actually convert your effort into money

and have a good formula to follow (the hard

part), you can get rich quicker.

That's just my experience.

Here's a few additional rules to live by (I do):

- Always be selling

- Work your ass off

- Don't be a hater

- Apply good math formulas and metrics to your business

- Try and surround yourself with people who are smarter than you

- And take responsibly for all your shit (aka: don't be a wussy)

And my personal favorite:

Just Get In :-)

Stay real

12 rue du rocher, paris, B9 75008, FRANCE

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