Tuesday, June 12, 2012


My name is mrs Kate Hogan,I have been surffering from ovarian cancer
disease and the doctor says that i have just few days to leave.I am
from Malaysia, but based in Burkina Faso,Africa since ten years ago as
a business woman dealing with cotton exportation,now that i am about
to end the race like this,without any family members and no child.I
have $2 Million US DOLLARS in Bank of Africa(BOA)Burkina Faso which i
instructed the bank to give African union leaders to help sick people
around Africa.But my mind is not at rest because i am writing this
letter now through the help of my nurse beside me here in my hospital

I also have $3.6 Million US Dollars in another bank in Burkina Faso
which i want you to claim from the bank and use help less previledge
people in your country,but you must assure me that you will take only
60% of the total money and give the rest 40% to the orphanage home in
your country for my heart to rest.

Upon the receipt of your email that you are willing and capable to
execute my plan, i will instruct the bank management to make the
immediate transfer into your account.

Your friend,

Mrs Kate Hogan

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  1. My Dear,

    I am glad that you are willing to execute my desired plan and i want
    to remind you that the very reason i contacted you should be honored
    and that is what really matters to me at this point in time,i want you
    to reassure me that you will only take %60 and give the rest %40 to a
    good orphanage around your province.All you need do now is to contact
    my bank through this email address ecobankplc_bfs@***.pl

    Tell them to release my balance fund to you and also let them know
    that you are my business partner.Please do not make any promise you
    can not keep because even when i am gone,this is what will make me
    happy wherever i am.remember the bank email address is

    Lastly,i will be very glad and fulfilled to see you accomplish my wish and i want you to try
    and see me in my hospital if i am still alive to meet me after you succeed in getting this task done.