Friday, June 15, 2012


Greetings my dearest one,

I assume you and your family are in good health? I have decided to repose confidence in you! My name is Aniccet Justin YAK 25 year’s old Girl from Southern Sudan, the first daughter of late Dr. Justin YAK Arop who was the former Minister for SPLA Affairs and Special Adviser to President Salva Kiir of South Sudan for Decentralization. My father Dr. Justin YAK and my mother including other top Military officers and top government officials where on board in plane crashed on Friday May 02, 2008. After the sudden death of my father, I discovered from my father’s briefcase that he made a deposit of $15.6M united state dollar to the reliance security group company, for the purpose of establishing a Gold Mining Company before his sudden death. From the certificate of deposit, I am the next of kin to the deposited fund.

Meanwhile, I have contacted the reliance security group company with the deposited documents as the next of kin but base on the term involves which I am not capable to handle this fund now. I therefore humbly request your assistance to stand as trustee to claim this fund on my behalf so that the fund will release on your behalf because I want to start a better life and continue my studies with my junior sister. On your agreement to handle the transaction, I will offer you 40% from the total money and you will help us to invest our share till we complete our education.

Hence I received your message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely; I will send you the full details of the transaction.
Aniccet Justin Yak

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