Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Joint Venture Partnership (JV)

Dear Sir,

We represent a group of companies based in Saudi Arabia currently seeking for Joint Venture (JV) on means of expanding business interests abroad in line with Energy Renewals, Transportation, Agriculture, Aviation, Oil and Gas, Commercial Real Estates, Hotel Resorts, Casinos, Fisheries Sectors., etc, this may be the best opportunity to share our global successes with you, as we always expect to receive the best results and services on area of highest possible accolades in our endeavors.

Obviously, if Joint Venture (JV) will not suit your business already in place, we are ready to inject funds into your own business on direct loan funding with easy repayment terms, five (5) years moratorium or more on 6% fixed interest on annual percentage rate (APR) only, terms with possible roles and extensions on closing within a short period of time.

Should this brief proposal interest you, do please touch base with us on below information; all designations on both parties are on strict confidence, by joining the "Business Transparency Group“.


Omar Fayab Al-Fayet.
(Field Commission Agent).

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