Monday, February 13, 2012


Dear Friend,

My name is Mohammed Omar,a politician and state contractor In Egypt, due to the present political situation in Egypt at present time I decided to contact you as a reliable and trusted Business partner that can assist to re-invest the total sum of ($4,500,000.00 Million Dollars (USD) into good and profitable investment in your company or any other viable sector in your country that will be of mutual benefits. My primary target is to invest in Agriculture, Mining, Hotel & Estate or oil and gas; alternatively you can suggest any other viable areas in which we can invest. I will offer you 5% of US$4,500.000Million United States Dollars before the investment and a share percentage of 30% of the profits after investment.If you can be trusted and really serious to handle this partnership with all honesty, then contact me and forward your investment plans, along with your company details/profile, contact numbers and identification in copies to *********

Mohammed Omar

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