Saturday, September 01, 2012


Confirmation Email Ref No: (SPSD-11,832,264,832,142)
Reply Email: kiko.sanchez1@***.com

Following official publication results of email sweepstakes program
Released on the 23rd  of August, 2012. Organized by the MEGA MILLIONS SUPER
LOTTO PLUS & EMAIL SWEEPSTATKES. Your electronic mail address <> attached to a Ticket Number (12-21-26-30-42-27) HAS won the prize Sum of EUR970.000.00 only (Nine Hundred And Seventy Thousand Euros Only). For Further inquires and claims or your collection;

CITY / COUNTRY: Madrid Spain.
TEL: +34-632-717-694 +1134-632-717-694
Reply to Email:kiko.sanchez1@***.com   

It is important to note that you your award information were released today
With the following Particulars attached to it.

Email Ticket NO: 12-21-26-30-42-27
Reference NO: SPSD-11832264832142
Serial NO: SUDEJP33572021
Batch NO: MSPS853644121
LUCKY DRAW No. : 2-17-20-26-48-12:

We expect you to provide them with details of the information below, for the processing of your winning documents.

1). Full Names:
2). Residential Address:
3). Occupation:
4). Sex/age:
5). Phone/Fax Numbers:
6). Country of Resident:
7). Nationality:
8). Reference Number:
9). Serial Number:
10). Amount Won:
11). your winning Email Address
12). A scan or Fax Copy of any Valid Proof of your Identification like International Passport or Driver's License:
PLEASE NOTE THAT all wining must be claimed not later than 30th working days.

Mrs. Gonzalez Angel Jose.
CITY / COUNTRY: Madrid Spain
TEL: +34632-717-694  +1134-632-717-***
Please note, do not send email to the email alert you are to contact
MR.KIKO SANCHEZ Reply via email to: kiko.sanchez1@***.com

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