Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I am Mrs. Janet Huilson works in a Company here in United Kingdom. I have a project contract which I would like to share with you depending on your wiliness and interest in handling it. This project contract goes on a supply of Animal Injection (Adequan 1.m injection), this injection is used for the treatment of Animals E.g Cow, Horse and others.

 Here in England , Adequan 1.m injection is in a high demand by many of the companies here in United Kingdom , and right now I have been able to find a distributor in Asia (Malaysia ) who sells Adequan 1.m injection cheaper than what the company buys in Germany.

I made a thorough search on your country guestbook profile and i decided to contact you hopefully that you won’t make me to regret why i contacted you at first time.

 There in your country Malaysia, they sell a carton of this injection at the cost of USD2, 400. Here in England, they sell a carton at the cost of USD7, 800 per carton. Now I seek for a partner in this business who will stand as the supplier of this Injection to my company purchasing manager there in Asia Malaysia, by buying this Injection at the cost of USD2, 400 per carton from the Malaysian Lady the distributor whom I will pass the details to you and re-sell back to my company purchasing manager at the cost of USD6.500. We will be sharing the profit that will be made in percentage margin of 40% for me and 60% for you.

 Contact me on this e-mail for more details (****@one.co.il)
Mrs. Janet Huilson.

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