Saturday, September 01, 2012


We the management of FEDEX COURIER SERVICE hereby uses This medium to
notify you that your parcel is still in our possession, this parcel
contained an International Cashier Bank Draft/Cheque worth the sum of
$500,000.00USD (Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars only) and it is
ready for delivery to your door step. Meanwhile, before the delivery or
shipment will take place, you are advice to RECONFIRM to us the following
data mention below:
1.Your Name:........
2.Full Address:..............
The above requested information's will enable us deliver your parcel
correctly without any mistake or delivering your parcel to a wrong person.
NOTE : No charges should be made before delivery except the stamp duty fee
which is just $65usd. Delivery would be made to your door step as soon as
we receive your payment, no problem about the delivery fee because the
company has paid for the delivery fee.
Further more, you might be asking yourself how comes this parcel, Anyway
This parcel was brought to our office to be delivered to you by lottery
Note: This fee is not for delivery but for the stamp duty, this company
has spend out of their incomes in the process by recovery back your
parcel? so dear customer we once again appreciate your patronage in our
favor. Without hesitations you are to pay for just the balance left of $65
by your sender before it accumulate a demur-rage after one week only,as
you know your parcel is not just an ordinary parcel but with a vital
document and we think you understand what we mean by accumulating a
Yours Faithfully
Mr. Mario Frank

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