Saturday, September 01, 2012


Dear lucky winner,

we here-by notify you that the sum of ($750, 000.00) seven hundred and fifty thousand united states dollars was generated and awarded to you by the money transfer service companies in corroboration with the European union, afri-pam and the Arab league financial exchange as one of the customers who uses western union, paypal, money gram or other alternative transfers in their business transaction.

This award was selected through the financial exchange collector database straw drill (FOD), where your email address, sender and receiver names was indicated and notified. The union commission collects email addresses of people active online in social networks, among the millions of people who use western union, paypal and money gram in various business transactions. People are selected yearly according to the annual profits records of the money transfer service companies to benefit from this promotion and you are one of the selected winners.

The award was designed to encourage small business owners, typically less affluent people, to secure and restore consumer sovereignty, allowing people to spend money on what they choose. It also helps in bridging the gap between the poor and the rich which is in increase day by day. The award is organised in different countries annually for the purpose of fairness and equality. And this year winner selection was done in Burkina Faso. West Africa. Therefore, provide bellow the necessary information required for processing the payment awarded to you by the commission.

Your full name:
Home address:
Phone number:

Finally, it is expected the winner gets to choose between an annuity payment and a one-time payment of the total amount awarded. Indicate the means of receiving the award. The award commission will provide your information to the western union office in Burkina Faso for the first payment per a maximum amount payable in your country by the western union. This is an agreement reached to help the winner to open a bank account that can contain the balance. You are required to enquire from your country's western union office the maximum amount payable. NOTE: It is not only western union that awarded the prize. You are only being contacted by western union as one of the money transfer companies approved to make the transfer to the beneficiary of the prize.

Yours faithfully,
Edward Johnson.
Award coordinator    

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