Sunday, May 05, 2013

Greetings My Dear,

 Greetings My Dear,

I have written you twice this week but no response from you thought maybe there is delay in mail delivery. Today I am resending the message, please if you receive it this time try and respond, because my situation needs urgent attention. My husband deposited (US$10.5 Millions) in one of the reputable banks which I will disclose to you once I receive your reply.

Since the death of my husband I have had several attacks from his brothers because of his properties, recently I decided to leave the country with my only son for safety of our lives. Last three weeks to precise I sent a notification to the bank concerning the fund; they said that they had an agreement with my husband that the fund is in ESCROW ACCOUNT and a clause was attached to it for onward transfer into a foreign account, that I must provide a foreign account. Been that I don't really have anybody I can count on as a foreign partner I decided to search from directory, when I found your email address I was convinced to contact you for this project.

Please if you can stand as my foreign partner to receive this fund, get back so that I will discuss more with you. Please call me after reading: +2299852***

May God Bless you,


Mercy Johnson Kone

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