Friday, June 28, 2013

How To "Delete" The Wussy Inside You

When I first started marketing
my business I had no clue I was
acting like a wussy.


After all, everyone was doing it.
So I did, too.
Here's a few of the things I did:

- Jumped from product launch to product launch

in hopes that it would turn my current "non-profit"


- Thought the grass was greener on the other side -

in another company - with another leader - with another

product...because my results were not what I wanted.

- Blamed people, products and comp plans for

my lack of money-getting power, and then realized

everywhere I went - the problem followed me :(

- Felt left out - like the people who were having

success - who were making money - who were selling

lot's of stuff....were forming "mastermind" groups,

and I wasn't invited.

 And a few more things I'm embarrassed to


 These perspectives may "tick" you off a little.

 And if they do, that's cool with me.

 And if they don't - they may not apply.

 And IF if something doesn't apply - let it fly.

 But here's the truth.....

 When I started marketing - before I learned
the secrets to getting money daily, whether I
worked or not.....

 ...I had a bad case of wussy marketing.

(and a wussy mindset)
But I didn't know any better.
No one told me any different.
 So I came up with my own solutions.

 And you know what they say about a man
who represents himself in court....right?

He's got a fool for a lawyer :-)

 But, like I said - no one had the guts to
just tell it like it is.

 Until one day, after months of:

 Technical overwhelm....

Product launch fever....

Guru groupie fan clubs....


Placing first place in the company

jumping Olympics.....

I finally caught a glimpse into the
"Pandora's Box" of online money

 And what I saw pissed me off (I'm
not kidding).

 Because I realized almost everything
I had focused - everything the "gurus"
had told me....

 ...and all the lies I started to believe.....

 ...were actually keeping me stuck in a
never ending cycle of poverty.

 When I saw what I'm about to show you....

The technical overwhelm I felt paralyzed

 The confusion I once dealt with - about
how I should be spending my time in my
business every day....vanished.


My "inner wussy" turned into a ferocious
marketing animal.

So enough about me, and my "wussy
recovery journey".

Here's what I got:

Everything I NOW know is documented in
this short video.

Grab a pen.

 Take a few notes.

 And brace yourself for an "eye-opener".

(you'll see what I mean in the first few minutes)

Here's The Private Link

Look for my next email later.

 For now, I think you'll need some time

to digest what you're about to see.

Here's The Private Link Again

The end may shock you a little, too.

Just fair warning.

Stay real,

To Your Success

Big Idea Mastermind

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