Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Sequel to the secret arrangement in regards to the Shipment of your total contract sum(US$12.5m), I wish to inform you that all necessary modalities have been automatically concluded and the fund has left C.B.N office through the Diplomatic Courier Services today by Express Cargo Flight to your home country.
Note carefully that the content of the box are your total contract value but the CBN did not disclose the content to the Courier Services, rather it was registered as Vital "DIPLOMATIC DOCUMENTS" belonging to the CBN client (That?s you). Furthermore, the box is (1) in number and about 75kg.
However, you are advised not to disclose the content of the box to the Courier Services to avoid Betrayal in any circumstances In the mean time, you are kindly advised to furnish us with your direct telephone/mobile number, your valid I.D/Drivers License and your office/house address or where ever you wish to receive the diplomat to enable him identify you when he arrives to your address with the box For more information, we advise you to contact this office as soon as you receive this mail to enable us fax you the necessary documents which you will need to deposit your funds into your bank account.
Congratulations and remain blessed.
Mr.Edwar Obodo

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